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This is a great podcast! Good stuff :)
Need to speak up and/or speak at a consistent volume
This is a review for the the new version of the podcast "The IGN Movies Show". I used to listen to "Keeping it Reel" every week, but so far the new show has just been the same 3 guys saying the same thing.
Great to listen to at lunch break!
We were supposed to get the show back in January. It is now April and we have nothing. Seriously how hard is it to put out 1 podcast a week? Shame on Jim Vejvoda for not being a man and letting this show be forgotten. If the show does return, I refuse to listen to it.
I always looked forward to this podcast when it dropped. Then it dropped from existence! Here's hoping it comes back soon From hiatus new format or no! It's entertaining, clever, and keeps me up-to-date on what's going on with the moview I care about. Great work!
Please work on your sound quality and levels. It gets quiet and then really loud. Listening to you right now and someone literally laughed in the speaker and it really hurts the ear drums, especially in the car. It's distracting to what you're actually talking about. I think it's about time guys, up your game.
Always a great listen, especially when I'm working. Jim has terrific insight on films and love the new cohost.
Boring. The rampant Marvel fanboyism is much too apparent. I don't necessarily like DC, but they're outright hate for all things DC is a real turn off... Unsubscribe.
It may come to surprise listeners of this PC(podcast), that the hosts are not exactly gamers. Especially paired up with the latest video game movie, Warcraft. IGN was a PC that I listened to weekly until the last 6-9 months. Until that point where two co-hosts left, who freely offered opposing or aligning opinions. However, those co-hosts have since left the Keepin It Reel podcast. I would be considered *old* in the demographics that follow pop culture. I came back to the IGN movie podcast looking for a gamer's perspective of Warcraft. Not only did one host rep himself as a player, they both scathed the film (in parts rightfully so), but knew nothing about the lore. I stopped listening to Keepin It Reel because of the non-gamer eyes placed on movies, especially video game adaptations. To the hosts, you're not wrong of your film criticisms. I just hoped for a more gamer's approach. Meaning; where can we go moving forward? What should be addressed, and changed? TL;DR in a world of sequels and new IPs, be more like BETA players in reviews.
My ride to work are really long (about 25 miles) one way and with heavy traffic most afternoons this and many other ign podcast keep me from going off the deep end and ramming my car to the guy in front of me.
love it. keep it coming
It's an awesome show but they go weeks and weeks without doing an episode, then you'll get one, and then they'll go almost a month without doing another. Oh and the reader email is a joke. They ask for it every show but answer it maybe one out of every ten or fifteen episodes.


By Chad045
The chemistry between Roth and Jim is straight beast. Sometimes when too many folks are on at once it can't get a bit jumbled but when they're listening and reacting to one another it's superb. This may sound odd but their voices (Jim Chris and Roth) compliment each other well.
I’ve listened to this podcast off and on for a few years now, but recently the show has gotten much better. Roth, Jim, and Chris have good chemistry, and there is enough variance of opinion to keep the show interesting. There has also been a few great interviews lately, and the podcast is far more reliable than it once was.
I like the laid back feel of this podcast and their discussions are entertaining. Also like how they rotate someone else in if another person is traveling, etc. I follow Jim, Chris, and Roth on Twitter, too. I don't really do that with other people from podcasts I listen to. So feel special! ;)
Jim Vejvoda is a great host, with co-stars Chris Carle and Roth Cornet providing thought-provoking and entertaining insight on movies.
I have to agree with some of the past posts that the audio quality is very poor as of late. Jim's voice is so low that I have to turn it up and then Roth interrupts or laughs and her voice sounds like she is screaming into the mike to the point that sometimes I have to rip off my headphones before losing my hearing. I've been listening to this podcast for a long time but just can't anymore until the sound quality is fixed.
Keep up the great work. (more listener emails please)
Love the content of this podcast. Great news, discussion and interviews. However, the audio quality leaves something to be desired. They really need to run it through a compressor/limiter. I find that I need to keep my hand on the volume knob. There is a drastic difference from when they are talking normally to when they raise their voice or laugh. You can also hear the audio peek several times throughout an episode. Would love to see this corrected so I can listen without having to turn my volume up and down during my commute.
I have listened to this podcast for a long time and I can say without hesitation the content / topics / opinions are all very interesting to listen to. The audio is nearly garbage. Chris comes off fine audio wise, Roth whispers WAY TOO MUCH, but Jim (probably his Mic) is so freaking low volume that adjusting to hear him up/down throughout the show makes the show EXTREMELY aggravating. Listen to this in post you guys! Fix this for EVERY SHOW so the remainder of my review is untainted --- Great format of discussion and the occasional interesting guest. They are not always 100% on their game in the nerd realm (Comic Books / Star Trek / Star Wars — the biggest thing in movies right now), but they come very close most of the time.
Ign gets it done. On topic always which I appreciate
Why is Jim Vejvoda the host of this. The guy is a creep. He turns everything into a sexual joke and I swear if I hear him bang that bell again, I'll... Wait that's right. It's already annoyed me to the point that I've stopped listening. Roth and Chris are great. They're likable, they have just as much if not more insight than him, and are professional. If the day comes when ign would dump this dweeb and put Chris in charge, that will be the day I come back.
Fantastic podcast but they are not most consistent.
Good podcast. Makes the morning drive better and keeps me up to speed for the most part. Good way to find out when I should wait for Redbox or Netflix


Great podcast about movies. Better since Roth Cornet became a regular. I wish Chris Carle was on more often. Jim is informative.
Seriously she uses profanity to try and be funny. Where do they get these people let alone hire them? It used to be a good one two punch with the other guys. Now they've added a 5th wheel that shouldn't be there. Thumbs down.
The host, Jim, will spoil newly released movies. It's fine if they give you a warning, to let you know to skip ahead but Jim did not do that.
Sorry guys but every time they go on about the numbers and details for a movie I happen to be familiar with, I end up wonder what they're citing because the info I get from fans is totally different. Half the time their information seems more like assumptions. I'm not sure these guys are in touch with fans enough for this. I care some about industry but I'm a fan and i want to know what the fans are thinking. I have a hard time feeling like I'm getting broad feedback with a foundation under it.
Keepin it Reel is one of my favorite shows to listen to every week. They have such great information on all breaking comic book news which is near and dear to my heart! And listening to their weekend gross estimates and how close they were to the actual amount is alot of fun! Keep up the great work guys!


This podcast is good for general news on movies. The interviews are...meh. Just not interested in that. The box office estimates aren't needed either. The rest is good. Chemistry between hosts is good. Not shabby.
Mickey The Rourke!
I like the majority of IGN's podcasts, but KiR is easily one if the worst podcasts I've run across. Good production value, but that's about it. For legitimate film critique, it's a joke. For inside scoops, it's always way off base and disappointing. For just simple movie "gossip" entertainment value, it would be passable if there were less self-serving comments and name-dropping, and if it could be relied upon to actually post new episodes on a regular basis. As it is, KiR is full of juvenile humor that isn't funny, stupid catchphrases, and--thanks to Jim Vejvoda--rampant misogyny. Evidently, lots of people are enjoying it despite these shortcomings, but it is a complete miss, in my opinion.
Jim and Chris are entertaining and informative, in my opinion. I am a nerd and they are nerds so they tralk about nerd movies that I like. Good stuff.
The best podcast there is. Keep it up and keep it reel guys. MEGATRON!!! The Quaaantum of Saaaaaaawlace...SKYFALL SKYFALL SKYFALL...*exasperated chris carle breaths* SKYFALL SKYFALL SKYFALL!
You guys have to go back to posting early Friday mornings. What's the point of listening to weekend predictions on a Monday?
I love listening to Keepin' It Reel every Friday morning. It's full of information on movie news and gets me excited for what's to come in new movie releases. Excellent podcast! Mickey the Rourke!!
The Most Informative Movie News Podcast Around!
Best movie news podcast by far. Can't get enough!
The absolute best movies podcast out there. Content is always entertaining and on topic, and the audio quality is the better than most others out there. Keep it up, guys!
KIR is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to week in and week out. MEGATRON!
Wish they posted a little earlier so I could always listen before the weekend.


Great Show!
The beast movie podcast ever! Very entertaining!!!!! Jim and the guy's are very knowlegable about movies!
Entertaining & informative. Look forward to it every week!
Look forward to it every week
This is the podcast I look forward to most every week. The guys are fun but also professional journalists. Great mix of news and banter.


I look forward to this podcast every week. Great info for all movie and entertainment fans!
The guys give great inside news on upcoming genre movies (Sci-Fi, action, super hero, fantasy). Also give movie boxoffice dollar predictions. The only thing that could be better would be if the podcast was more consistant. They skip a lot of weeks.
I have been listening to IGN podcasts for awhile now. I recently stumbled on to keeping it reel and it's fantastic. I love movies, and this podcast is a great place for news and gossip. Keep it up guys!!!!!