Reviews For WildClaw's Blood Radio

I work at a desk all day with plenty of time to listen to radio dramas, NPR, or OTR. Happy to add this to my mix. Looking forward to more.
Do you like listening to scary stories in the dark late at night? If so, then check out Wildclaw Theatre's Deathscribe radio play podcast - where you'll hear such stories as Albert Gerber's "Dark and Stormy," a harrowing re-invention of familiar genre cliches that bring to mind Stephen King's "They're Creeping Up on You" from Creepshow. Also in store is a serial killer who preys on nurses in Doug Lamoreux's "A Crying Shame," the not so friendly antagonist of Jenn Udoni's "The Friend," Chris Hainsworth's Devil of a visitor to an elementary school on "Career Day," a lonely journalist on a night drive who begins hearing the voice over the radio in "Transmission Unknown," and a vampire whose worst fear might very well be commitment in the surprisingly funny "Forever." I reach out to you Dear Listener and ask that you take a little time, whether commuting to work or settling in for an evening, to turn off that pop station or television program for a little while and turn on your mind . . . and listen as the darkness takes over.
Good introduction. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Best of luck.