The Beautiful Universe: Chandra in HD

Reviews For The Beautiful Universe: Chandra in HD

Great job displaying the wonder of Gods creation.
a treat for the astronomically inclined
Information is very informative, but feed is horrific. Please work on it so it can be a five star presentation. Images are "out of this world"
Okay these are too short and could improve by providing more content.. Don't tell me there is a lack of content available .. Why bother with a couple of minutes of stuff.. Too less to be worth the time and effort...


By gwng12
This podcast is a visual feast for the eyes! Keep it coming!
this is the coolest podcast
I think this podcast looks beautiful on my apple tv & wide screen monitor!
The pictures were great, but the feeds are really choppy. Even for one minute pcasts, it's just not worth the time. If they ever upgrade the quality I'd subscribe immediately. Until then, sorry.