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Have checked out books because of this
marshall poe is the god of history - all his interviews are superb - excellent listening!
Congratulations to Marshall Poe and all the volunteers. It takes great effort to keep up with new releases. This is a very valuable tool to authors and history enthusiasts. Keep the good work!
Great content but the poor production quality means this Podcast is not worth the time. The fact that the production quality does not improve over time feels like a bit of an insult to the listener who is expected to put up with various and ongoing noises and distractions. Having done some radio I do feel for the host but not everyone should have a radio show or podcast. It is harder than most people think.
Wow, I came to vent about the host but it seems others already have. The interviewees are great and endlessly fascinating. The host sounds like he always wants to impress the guest with his own knowledge and rants, which are almost never interesting. I keep wanting to give up this podcast because I can't stand him (my last frustration was hearing the sounds of him clearly typing something on a keyboard while the guest was answering a question, and then faking a "Wow I find that fascinating" before quickly moving on to the next prepared question) but I will put up with it as long as the guests remain good. He can fix this podcast easily by interjecting less and making less about 'me me me.'
The production values of many of the podcasts leave a lot to be desired and in a few instances make them unlistenable. I wish that a certain amount of effort was put forth to have the podcasts recorded in a more professional manner after all no matter how great the topic or author if you can't control the quality of the medium it's a waste.
I like the show, but I agree with the comments about Marshall. If he isn't making some bizarre noise, he insists on saying, "Un-huh" at the end of almost every sentence uttered by his guest. The late Johnny Carson was a good interviewer because he got out of the way of the guests and didn't feel the need to interject himself every 2 seconds. I am a very auditory person and every "Uh-huh" is like someone standing in front of me and poking me in the forehead with a finger. I don't want Marshall to be replaced, but please have more of a professional approach to interviewing. Thanks
The New Books Network is doing a vital service by providing a long-form discussion platform for experts from countless fields and disciplines. Sure, some of the shows may have a few rough edges, but what insightful and thoughtful opinions will always top polish and glitz in my book. For Marshall and all the other New Books hosts, please keep up the great work!
This podcast has a lot of information, but in my opinion there's too much time spent on the author's background and biography. This is important information, but it's not as interesting as the book itself. Also, the host brings up his own anecdotes, which would make for a great 2-way conversation but not so great as a podcast. The sound quality for the interviewee is quite crappy. For instance, I tried to listen to the Prokofiev episode while jogging, and the sound resolution & volume for the author was so awful that I didn't want to bother; the host sounded fine. Nevertheless, I do appreciate Dr. Poe's efforts in putting out this podcast.
I disagree with many reviewers. Prof. Poe is entertaining and a great reviewer. He brings out the broader significance of each book remarkably well. People should remember that this is free. If you want polished professional productions produced by a whole team that does nothing but prepare for a single weekly interview, go to the History Channel. This is on the edge of academe and something broader, and I don't know of anyone who can bridge it better than Poe.
Marshall, we do not want to hear your bizarre breathing, phlegm, or powers to snore while awake. Keep your nose away from the Mic! Or invest in some kind of "on/off" switch on the occasions that you allow the author to speak. Distressing, because this is really really good after the first ten minutes of boring biography and academic shop talk
I really enjoy the New Books Network podcasts. They are on very esoteric topics but are fairly casual. I don't agree with the reviewers who don't like the "umm" ing etc. This isn't a slick production with all the bells and whistles. It's just a couple of professors talking about research topics.
Too many inside-academia jokes and chuckles about grants. , etc. Otherwise great stuff. Charmingly amateurish in many spots.
The interviews are very interesting and almost all of them are worth listening to. The only problem is the host, Professor Poe, interrupts the interviews to talk about himself, his studies, his thoughts far too often. As other reviewers have noted this is a good conversational tactic but it's unpleasant to listen to for the audience. He also seems unable to control his laughter at times. This leads to some awkwardness and it's an unpleasant laugh anyway. It's a wonderful podcast but please please please less Poe and more interviewee.
Great books and a wonderful opportunity to learn about different areas of history and books you may not have time to read. But I agree with the other commenters -- Poe needs to keep himself out of the interviews and stop with the anecdotes. Regular listeners do not need to hear again about his wife the mathematician and how shocked she is (still??) that historians don't collaborate. The podcast is best when Poe sticks to asking the occasional question and letting the authors talk.
This would be a great podcast, but the interviewer constantly goes "uh-huh" almost every time the guest makes a comment. It is slightly less than it used to be, but it is still annoying. I am unsubscribing due to this. If you can tolerate this annoying part of the podcast, then you will be fine and enjoy it very much.
This is an excellent podcast for anyone interested in history. It's great to hear the authors of scholarly books actually have a chance to talk about their books, especially with someone who actually asks intelligent questions. As others have said though, Dr. Poe too often interrupts the author and this sometimes disrupts the flow of the author's comments. If he could just hold his tongue...
Overall, this podcast is really good, but Professor Poe does interrupt quite frequently with his own points and stories, drawing parallels between his studies and experiences with what the guest is talking about. I understand why he does this, it makes for decent conversation when there is no audience, but in this case there is. Also, it would be great if the interviewee's mic level could approximate Poe's -- there's a substantial volume difference, which makes the interruptions very noticeable.
Questions, book selection, and guests are essentially good, but host's constant and loud "um-hum"s every 5 to 10 seconds are incredibly annoying and signficantly distract from the experience.
The authors and books are fascinating, if you can get past the 15 minutes at the beginning of each program that are wasted on academic-insider shop talk and the noises of presenter Marshal Poe's gastrointestinal and upper respiratory tracts. He's apparently conducting these interviews by phone using a headset with a microphone, which means that his every breath, gulp, burp, cough, hawk and snort are broadcast direct into the listener's ear. Very unpleasant. Use a speakerphone instead! And don't inject yourself into your interviews so much. We're listening because we want to hear what the authors have to say, not what you have to say.
This would be a 5 star review except for a technical problem- I can always hear Marshall fine but sometimes his guests sound tinny and very hard to hear, esp. over road noise. Some simple volume editing might fix this. An historian's history podcast, this has the potential to be one of the best for the seriously addicted historiophile (sic).