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It is hard to put into words how deeply affected I have been by the teaching of Dr. Ray Pritchard. For 16 years he was my pastor, and now through the amazing delivery of digital technology his words keep on encouraging others. Pastor Ray's biggest asset to the community of those who seek God, is his unapologetic approach to Biblical, textually based teaching. A close second is his pristine communication skills. Truth alone is powerful. Truth coupled with Clarity is emotionally powerful, intellectually honest, and spiritually transformational. I do not subscribe to many podcasts, but I count down the days till each new one is posted here. Try it and see for yourself!
I had Ray speak at the good ole WOL FCG and enjoyed his messages. I couldnt belive it when i saw he had podcasts
Over the years I have been greatly blessed by the teaching ministry of Ray Pritchard. His passion for Christ coupled with the clear preaching of the word of God is sure to bring health and encouragement to your soul. It is my prayer that these podcasts would strengthen the faith of so many like myself so that we might keep believing!
I highly recommend subscibing to Pastor Ray's podcasts! These KBM sermons are the best! You'll find these insightful, biblical, challenging and encouraging!