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Bloggy polish is a really helpful podcast for people who wants to learn Polish. It has lots of interesting podcasts with very usefull vacabulary. The only thing i can say against them is that they talk really fast in Polish.
This is every good- but you MUST follow the full 'series.' it is good for people who want to learn real polish. It also helps you to learn to form your own sentances and the Post Cast 'info' has the polish english translation for major words. this is great!
this is a great podcast to learn Polish. even though i'm just beginning to learn i'm very encouraged by the fact that once i learn enough I can listen to the intermediate lessons and keep learning Polish (not like most language podcasts that only do a little bit of beginning level and then stop). ;) the sound quality could be better but since the podcast is so good it doesnt seem to matter
This podcast is an absolute treasure. It is a straight-forward, interesting, and thorougly enjoyable way for a beginner to start learning the Polish language - which is NOT an easy task. The instructors have a wonderful chemistry and a great sense of humor, and they approach the basics in a slow and easily understood manner. What I enjoy the most is that you can learn a substantial amount with a single listen; and then return to the same lesson again and again, and still pick up new information each time you play it. Bravo. Very well done.
This podcast is great for those who can speak or understand a little Polish and want to learn more about verb/pronounciations/phrases and even some history and Polish casual talk.