Bell's in the Batfry

Reviews For Bell's in the Batfry

I recently found this podcast. It's hilarious. Few things make me laugh out loud -- but this does! Keep it up John. You're incredibly funny and talented.
Great comedy. Sorta like a weird combo of Seinfeld and the Office. Lot's of nutty characters (you will find a lot of similarities between these characters and people you work with). Really good clean adult humor that is equally appealing to teens or younger. Great drive-home comedy. It will make all those drivers wonder what you are laughing about.
If you like classic sketch comedy such as SCTV, Monty Python or "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" you'll enjoy "Bell's in the Batfry"! John Bell combines quirky characters with outrageous situations for a fast-paced, funny and richly-produced show.
This is one of the grooviest podcasts out there! It is the GROOVIEST of the grooviest! I love, love, love, love it! Bring back the cowlets from their interdimensional corral! Kalay! Kaloo! Kvell Kvell!
I always look forward to new episodes of Bell's in the Batfry and it is the first podcast I listen to without fail when it downloads.
John Bell and the whole crew at the Batfry put on a hilarious, family-friendly display of humor and wit every time. The TV parodies are excellent. Lots of puns and plenty of banana-cream-pie punch.
John Bell and his cast of crazy characters have entertaining my whole family for months! The Bell’s in the Batfry is fun for all ages, and is a great replacement for the usual commercial filled junk on the radio for car rides. The Production is top notch, and ongoing storylines, clever writing and even some musical interludes, will keep your kids asking, “Is there a new Bell’s in the Batfry yet?” A definite addition to you subscription list!
Any episodes involving aliens from the formet planet Potato -- I mean Pluto -- are worth listening to (eps 35 and 64, etc). But above all, episodes 15 (the spoof of "24") and 25 (the radio drama) make this clean, family-friendly comedy podcast worthy of your attention. The latest, episode 68, was also terrific, and there's a lot of good ones in between. This show is well-produced by Mr. John Potato -- I mean Bell. You'll alternate between laughing your backside off and slapping your forehead because you can't believe they just said that. All in all, highly entertaining. I listen to it every potato.
John Bell is an extremely talented funny guy whose characters and situations are laugh-out-loud funny. He's the Jack Benny of the Internet age! This is a must have, must listen to podcast, that even kids will enjoy. It's the kind of thing to put on your iPod and make other people think "What the heck does he think is so funny?"