Reviews For NASCAR Newscast: Official NASCAR Slideshow Podcast

Start again!!!!!!! Why did it stop?!?!?
Dale is the BEST
Content is often very good. Talk about upcoming races is interesting. Interviews with crews are good. Negatives: --Podcasts about reporter's careers--why? We're here to hear about the races, the drivers, owners, crew chiefs, or even pit crew members. A NASCAR reporter's career bio, makes it seem like you couldn't get any real interviews and needed a filler. --Annoying music (too loud) played behind the interview makes it difficult to listen (ex: Chad Knaus interview). Background music is not necessary.
Next time-read the title. It has Dale Jr., therefore it's awesome.
These podcast are not actual videos from the races. Ther more on a slide show. I think nascar and itunes need to make podcast for each driver . This goes out to my cousin HAYDEN, Jeff Gorden STINKS!!!!!!!