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I love this show. I try to listen to it every week day when I can. It has to be my favorite show on NPR. I love listening to reports from around the world. Julian A. Vazquez
Great podcast for a factual, level-headed analysis of daily world happenings. Opinions are rarely shared by journalists; instead The World turns to the experts. Refreshing to hear a science and fact-based podcast!
If you are looking for an alternative to NPR coverage this may be your best bet. More global in focus, incisive interviews and international connections make PRI the most rounded American newscast I’ve heard. Each broadcast concludes with stories that focus on music, art or positive cultural developments. The combination of hard news coverage and cultural commentary, both focusing on interviews with persons on the ground leaves one with a well rounded view that goes beyond the issues by making connections with human actors.
Sometimes they take both sides of the story, most of the times they don’t. They say they are impartial but they aren’t. They show you the world from a progressive lens.


By joegoe3
Why is PRI pro-Brexit. The interviews on Aug. 28 clearly show hostility toward the MP against no-deal. On the other hand, the other interview of the pro no-deal was very friendly. What is PRI's hidden agenda here?
This podcast quickly replaced others for my routine morning listen. It’s refreshingly less biased and successfully takes on news across the world, giving global headlines the attention they need. I come away feeling enlightened and like a world citizen.
I love this show so much. As a very busy person, it’s great to have a one-stop source for international news in an objective manner. The journalism and reporting done is top-notch. My only criticism is the opening music. It is so awful. I don’t know why they changed it recently, but really hope they consider going back to the original music. But besides that small arbitrary criticism, I can’t recommend this show enough.
Some of (ok, all) the low star reviews saying The World is too leftist/feminist/biased/fill-in-the-blank with whatever, and then proceeds to complain the podcast is “anti-Trump”, blow me away. If you are pro-Trump, you don’t have a place at the table when it comes to critical and intelligent discussion about the world.


By svrnclv
Marco and the team always ask the questions that get to the heart of the matter and spend the necessary time to inform me, the listener, instead of playing sound bites. I would not be as informed about the world if it wasn’t for the world. Thanks for all that you do! Also, I didn’t have a problem with the old theme music but am loving the new theme music.
A great, well rounded and well researched news program. The hosts are knowledgeable and talented with reporters worldwide providing first person, on location reporting. This program excels at getting a lot of news out in a short podcast. Big on facts, quick to call out a rumor and even quicker to admit a mistake. Brilliant!
I never miss an episode. Marco and the team are simply a must listen.


By Foxcrk
This was at one point the highlight of my weeks listening for interesting pieces of around the world events. I concur with others that the show has evolved into anti Trump, left wing feminist platforming. I am not a Trump supporter and I find the show tedious now. I listen to one show a week now hoping to find that a more centrist approach to world events will return - but have so far found myself fast forwarding thru pieces. (Btw - I am a female!)
Used to be great. Now a propaganda-delivery vehicle for the personal left-wing biases of its host, the insufferably pompous and self-important Marco Werman.
This show used to be informative but now it is using all excuse to be anti-Trump show. It is changing, becoming entertainment program for Democrats. We want information, not one side opinion, climate lecture or feminism... just tell us what is going on around the world.
I usuelly listen to BBC's Global News Podcast but wanted to get my news from few more sources. It's incredible hard to find good international news podcast. I was hoping that PRI's The World would be just that. Sadly, today's news (01/18/19) were entirely about the US. I'll give it another chance tomorrow.
This is an essential source of news. International and national news is covered. In-depth segments on news not generally covered, and special interest segments such as on women’s lives around the world provide interesting perspectives not easily found. If I get behind in my listening, I try to catch up as it is not just the “news of the moment” that is covered.
You learn a little bit about everything going on around the world. There is a good balance between major headlines and news stories that are a little off the beaten path.
Menstuation yes!
Love the reporting. I love the ending with music. Found so many cool bands. I just love this program. If you like intelligent sophisticated smart journalism then you'll love this show.
Its bad enough to have to listen to sounds of footsteps during an otherwise interesting story. Today on PRI's The World I had to listen to someone eating mouth open during a story. There are some things that should never be done on air under any circumstances.
I LOVE this show. It has current events, music, world news, trivia stories; it is informative, educational, and can be so fun. “The World” is so rightfully named. It brings me the listener stories from far corners of the globe or within the continent. I am always delighted to hear the stories. It packs a ton of information in a little hour. I don’t always have the time to listen to it daily. But because it always has such interesting stories, I save all the podcasts and listen to them on a longer drive. Even though I may be listening to a 2 week old current event, the podcast is still relevant to me. There are many many stories out there. There are many great podcasts, radio programs that I love. The World is my comfort food, my background radio program. It has so much soul and content; I love Marco! This is my favorite radio program! Keep up the great work! You make my day, every day!!
I feel like there is too much opinion, not only from people interviewed who are often biased on the story they discuss, but also from Marco the host. This is especially true for gun control topics and conservative political stories (and I lean liberal, but can see it).
I used to really enjoy this radio show, then it went off air when my local public radio station changed their programming. I was happy to find this as a podcast and listened for quite sometime. Lately, however, I've found myself increasingly more annoyed with their biased reporting. I enjoy hearing stories from around the world but I don't like hearing their slanted line of questioning that skews one way. This is definitely a left leaning show, and if you don't mind that, go ahead and subscribe. While I lean left in my political views, I want objective coverage and that is not something I will find in this podcast. I've noticed some reporters accidentally misreport things and make things seem worse than they actually are. Not on big stories, but more like smaller details of the bigger picture. For instance it matters when a PRI reporter states "Officials in Flint Michigan switched to a contaminated water source..." When what actually happened is that they switched to a water source that wasn't treated correctly and resulted in the stripping of lead from pipes in Flint. It's the little things, but it really matters to make sure you report a story 100% accurately. Listening to that story made me wonder, what else had PRI The World misrepresented that I had taken to be true? It wasn't the only time that happened but it's the instance I remember the most. I held off on unsubscribing for as long as I could, but I guess I'll have to look for objective coverage elsewhere in a daily news show.
Method of disceminating a one sided or false narrative, simply only interview "experts" from one perspective, never contradict or question. This is how NPR type media spreads false information or bad reasoning, they let their guests say what they couldn't say themselves. No surprise on every platform they manage, user feed back is now gone, their support for zuckerbergs censorship is unsurprising at this point, those who cry "resist" do this while backing the construction of an orwellian state.
One of the very best sources of news out there
Marco Wermen does an excellent job interviewing his very interesting guests!!! Marco is the best!
The only daily news program I can stomach.
"The World" used to be a solid program presenting news and stories from around the globe without a lot of the bias and holier-than-thou posturing of most public radio. Not anymore. Over the last few years, the show has become little more than an hour of left-wing propaganda and preening from host Marco "I was in the Peace Corps!" Wehrman. Want stories of noble lefty activists helping illegal immigrants fight for their right to jump the border? Looking for a show that will give air time to someone who claims that doubting the Gospel of Climate Change is a mental illness? Do you want a show where the smug host constantly reminds the listener he went to Mali in the Peace Corps and always rides a bicycle like any self-satisfied Liberal? Then this podcast is for you. If you value concepts like objectivity and even-handed debate, you'll find little to enjoy on "The World." It's a shame this once valuable and informative show has deteriorate into little more than insufferable bloviating. By the way, did you know Marco Wehrman was in the Peace Corps?
Great to have a podcast with good mix of important news and light hearted content with a global perspective.
I listen to this podcast religiously to get a broader perspective, in depth stories and personal narratives not easily found in today sound bite era. Thanks PRI! Love the world in words too!
When I can't catch the show on NPR, I make sure to listen. The story-telling is so wonderful and issues addressed are the ones I want to hear about that I don't get with other such programs. Keep up the great work Marko & team!
Listen to BBC news podcasts for the essential news... outside of that Marco's commentary are more and more about him and his insufferable ego. His musical tastes while 4 years ago were interesting are now half baked, and trite. Really sad to see this podcast go to his head. Good for the kids however but for nuanced discussion listen to the wonderful John Hockenburry-The Takeaway, or others. This podcast is often just a dumbed down world view, With the narrator always inserting himself- insufferable.
Great music, great humanities/“people’s perspective” of global events. All the hosts are great.
Expects listener to know the basics, now supplemented by lots of on-the-ground narrative. Compassionate when dipping into tragedy, analytical about policy, a very nice balance.
This news program is brilliant. The show starts off with the biggest story of the day presented in a normal style. Afterward is when it gets interesting, presenting stories about human life and culture around the world in a way relevant to what's going on inside a big story. I feel this type of reporting is very important because it "humanizes" the news and brings you closer to understanding other cultures. The program fills a critical need in the United States: good world news coverage. It is backed by the BBC World Service and it's correspondents all over the planet, but it's presented by an American and brings stories into focus for its audience in a way that other American news outlets just can't do.
I love The World news and have listened for years, but they just can't seem to get their act together in the podcast world. I've stopped listening to radio because the schedule for listening must be flexible. However, I'm giving The World a few days to stop uploading junk podcast files that are unplayable on my iPhone and then I'm unsubscribing.
For people into global news, daily affairs of the world,foreign policy etc this is the best podcast. High quality stuff.
One of my all time favorite public radio programs. So glad it's on podcast, because due to a night schedule, I usually sleep through the broadcast. Topics are always up to date and on point. Humor is mixed with the serious. Best of all, it truly is a world centric program, and not just what impacts the US. That I appreciate most of all.
While the selection of stories is good, I really wish the podcast editor would put all the stories in the "info" section of each day's podcast, instead of just the top 3. Some of the stories that The World covers are literally the top news of the day and most folks don't have the time for the nth perspective and would rather skip to the better stories that only The World covers.
If you are tired of NPR "puppy" stories and you'd like your news in longer, less repetitive chunks, PRI The World gives you insights into different stories than are covered elsewhere. I could do without the geo quiz but it's one of the shows I turn to most often.
This is my "must have" podcast and I have been listening to it for years now. Marco Werman (and the other resporters) are the best, bringing interesting news stories from around the world (hence the name)!
Brilliant reporting about today's big issues.
It's a great great show!
More breadth. More depth.
PRI & APM are quietly assuming the twin thrones of the public radio kingdom, while NPR continues to act the fool!
good job!!!
Absolutely the best daily news podcast out there. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a global perspective for their news.