Reviews For Daily Daf Yomi with Ari Goldwag

I always wanted to learn the Talmud but I'm not advanced enough in my Hebrew skills and didn't have access to the books. This podcast enabled me to be exposed to the Gemarra and commentary and helped me better understand Jewish law. I found this especially remarkable because it made me think in a more logical and systematic fashion. If you, like I had, an interest in Gemmara than this is an amazing Podcast. Now, if you understand the Gemara already or have learned/are learning in a Yeshiva, Reb Ari gives a great insight into the Dafs. I really like that I am able to continue my Gemarra learning while driving in my car, sitting at my computer, or even walking around listening to my iPod. Finally, Ari has a Facebook group, so I have been able to ask him questions and correspond to learn more about Jewish law and my heritage. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.
Ari's Daf Yomi is one of the best I've heard so far.