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Good Topics and Content. “Keys to the Cart” difficult to listen to. Podcast speakers sound stiff and non-fluent. It sounds like a non-medical person reading content off cue cards or out of a medical textbook.
Thanks, Dr Ally B!! Appreciate your weekly podcast, good reviews that stick in my brain this time around:)
Thoughtful and balanced--love it.
Easily the best Anesthesia-focused podcast available. Covers all aspects of anesthesia from cardiac to general interest to OB.
I look forward every month to hearing a perspect from a recognized expert. Helps me to stay aprasied of new research.
Very informative and easy to access. Great asset to those of us out of training who like to keep up with the current literature in a reasonably convenient manner.
Just listened to Dr Slinger's podcast. Comprehensive review of important issues. Thank you
Up to date information from many of the academic leaders in our field. A great asset to all interested. Very well done.
As a practioner years removed from residency, I find this series of podcast quite relevant. There are plenty of reviews, and plenty of up-to-date research discussions for a busy anesthesiologist. The guest speakers (experts and research authors) are articulate and direct and to the point. No time wasted on detailed divergents that do not fit into the 20 to 45 minutes spent on each topic, but still there are enough to interest me in finding out more info for myself. Excellent work and great value to the education of our field.
This is hands down the most informative anesthesia podcast on the web. The 2 week cycle of article review with the authors followed by an expert review of a certain area of anesthesia is a fantastic format. In addition Dr Nemergut has done an excellent job of formatting the interviews and discussions so that they are maximally informative. A must have for any provider of anesthesia care. In addition his work with the anesthesia wiki is very helpful and impressive.