Mouse Magic HD (iPod version)

Reviews For Mouse Magic HD (iPod version)

This P'cast, lemmie' tell ya' really is amazing...raised in a Disney family, we would go every year b/f school season began (& sometimes during...), a gift from mom...this is like having WDW w/me at all times...I can almost smell the cool watery smell of Pirates of the Carribean or the musty woodlike odor of The Haunted Mansion...Thank You, kind creator of this wonderful podcast...also, for offering it in this compressed version for iPods as well as the HD version for beautiful vivid viewing on large screens...Thanks again... :)
Awesome!! Let's me remember the rides when I can't be there. Thanks for all your hard work.
I love seeing all of my favorite attractions! It's like being there even though I'm not. I would like to see a video of Fantasmic! That would be awesome! Thanks so much, keep up the great work : )
Awesome video podcast. A really great pick me up when I'm missing the World. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to more episodes.
this podcast is so awesome. its a lot of fun and it really does feel like youre in disney world again!!! i love it so much--it doesnt make me feel so disney-home-sick. :P
Wonderful video podcast. I love being able to have the feeling like I am at Walt Disney World anytime, anywhere. The video quality is amazing and wonderfully shot. The sound quality is amazing. As Disney might put it, it AutoMagically puts you in Disneyworld again. Thanks for the work and time put in to allow us all to feel like kids again.
hey this podcast is awsome!!!! I was maybe thinking that the guy who runs this should do one episode on fantasmic. kepp the idea its a good one.
This podcast is nothing short of amazing. Paul does a great job with his video every week. This is the first of its kind for videos of Walt Disney World. Think of the BDH podcast, but with all of our favorite Disney World videos instead. Some files are fairly large, but anyone will appreciate the quality video this podcast provides. Also, make sure to visit the forums!
This is a wonderful podcast! Each is very high quality video, and wonderful to watch. If you are a WDW fan, this podcast is a must. It's simply the attraction, or entertainment, exactly as you would see it in the parks. Highly recommended.
This podcast is an instant memory fix for wonderful times in the parks.