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I just discovered famicom dojo on YouTube! These guys have made some really entertaining and informative content with regards to famicom and gaming in general! I’m really enjoying listening to the podcast and back episodes. Keep up the great work!
Hey, these guys have fun talking past, present, and future video games. What’s not to love!
I love these guys, I've been watching them on YouTube for years.
I have been subscribed to Sean and Vinnk's YouTube channel for about a year now, and thoroughly enjoyed all of the informative info on everything from the Nes to the Neo Geo and the Gamecube to the SMS and everywhere inbetween. When uploads to the show slowed down a bit, I was pretty bummed until I found my fix for more Famicom Dojo in the form of this podcast just recently. It's great to know you guys are still keeping on with the great content! ファミコン道場大好きですよ!
So I've been following (don't worry) Vinnk and Sean for the last 11 years and they produce nothing but great content and banter on their YouTube channel and Podcast. Definitely deserve more attention and love than what they get. This is perfect for anybody who's into retro and japanese gaming!!
I love the Famicom Dojo Podcasts, and all the personality that oozes from it. The insight brought to the audience is phenomenal. I have been a fan for years now, and still love listening. I also enjoy their Youtube videos, I never knew so much about the Famicom and its various quirks that differentiate it from the NES. Thank you guys for sticking around, for all this time.
As soon as I looked at this podcast, I immediately began thinking about peanut butter, and eating creamy peanut butter out of the jar with a knife, licking it like a popsicle. Your podcast looks so entertaining I like to go out to the store to go buy more skippy peanut butter jars. Please continue doing your work so I can continue to buy more peanut butter!!
Always entertaining, always informative, frequently caters to children of the Eighties. Keep it up, Sean and Vinnk!


Great show.. You can tell these guys know there stuff ...
Vinnk and Sean are fun to listen to. It's nice to have a clean gaming podcast.
Very unique podcast that hits on big and small topics, mostly centering around Japanese video games and/or retro gaming. Would be ***** if they kept a more regular publishing schedule
Famicom Dojo is by far my favorite video game related podcast. It's full of great info on new and retro games and the cover topics that are close to gamers hearts. Listening to Sean and Vinnk is like having a conversation with your friends. They care about issues that are relatable and you don't get the sense of industry bias that you get with the major video game publications. In short... Listen to this if you love video games.
Sean & Vinnk are just awesome! Love the commentary and there take on retro games and experiences...Keep up the great work!// -Lord Toon//
you guy are funny and informative i am always looking forward to your next topic keep it up.
I have to admit, I went into this podcast skeptically. I have been hunting high and low for quality video game podcasts for the past few years now, but have found precious few that have been worth listening to (and were updated with frequency). I'm not quite sure how I found the Famicom Dojo podcast, but I decided to give it a listen one morning while on a walk. All it took was one episode to get me hooked. The hosts have great chemistry with one another, bouncing off each other with ease and making for an enjoyable back-and-forth conversation. The topics are quite varied and intriguing, and one can see that these men research their topics thoroughly and are knowledgeable concerning retro video games. I would highly recommend this podcast to anybody who is interested in video games, period. Whether they are veterans of retro gaming or just getting into the subject, everyone will find something to enjoy in this show.
Love it!!
A wonderful non-mainstream Nintendo podcast. It's two friends talking together about video game stuff, with a retro-Nintendo mindset.
Honestly, this is the only podcast that I listen to regularly. I've tried to find other gaming podcasts like this one, but they have all fallen short. First off, they don't drop constant F-bombs. I find the swearing in other podcasts a bit ridiculous. Another thing that they do is research their topic for the week. Finally, they try to do new things every week. It's not the same old podcast over and over. While not perfect, this podcast comes pretty close. Oh yeah, they are from Wisconsin, so that makes them 10x better right there!
Sean & Vinnk bring a refreshing viewpoint in a jaded genre.
This is my TOP favorite podcast!
Famicom Dojo is great. The hosts are very personable and knowledgable, and have a real chemistry. They talk about gaming and retrogaming from a personal, intimate standpoint -- less about the games themselves and more about how the games have impacted them and the gaming community at large. I really enjoy this approach, and at around an hour in length, these shows are the perfect length to stay involved all the way through. Keep it coming, guys!
Sean and Vinnk are me and my friends. I feel at home with these guys. Just sit back, relax, and talk about games. If the need arises for a tangent, then that's where we go. Very relaxed and casual. If I had my own podcast, it would be this. Keep up the good work!
This has quickly become my favorite podcast. This one always gets first play once it is released. If you dig Nintendo, you should be a subscriber.
This is the best podcast I listen to. It's almost a tradition to listen to the show on Friday morning's at work. Keep it up and looking forward to the new season on blu-ray. Maybe add a podcast special to the blu ray version or Best of?
Great show! Well thought out/non-biased opinions. Great chemistry between Sean & Vink. Never gets boring. Sean & Vink seem to have a great passion for a broad range of gaming, and their thoughtful commentary truly shows it. This show is not annoying like other gaming podcasts. Every episode is a pleasure to listen to. (⌒▽⌒)
Thanks you such wonderful viewers, we were able to fix up our vidcast so that it's all progressive scan now! Silly oversight, really, but now it's all better. ;) Enjoy!
Famicom Dojo is a great show, but there is one issue with their podcast: the video is still interlaced, so any time there's movement, the image "tears" into a mess of lines. Other than that, though, it's great!