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This podcast was my first introduction to C. S. Lewis. What a blessing. Prayers for the show to get restarted.
One of the best descriptions of C.S. Lewis's works. I hope to hear more. and God Bless:)
This is a good basic overview of Lewis's work. While you may not learn much if you are well read I find myself wanting to read more after listening. I hope Reggie has not given up on this podcast as it has been a while since his last one. Also this podcast has convinced me to give Lewis's sic-fi a try.
This is a podcast that shows an indepth understanding of CS Lewis. He allows for spoilers, and incorporates non narnia material. Well worth your time. Really, no, dont leave, I promise you will learn something new at least
As a fan of C.S. Lewis myself, I found these very informative.
A brilliant explanation and guide to the works of C. S. Lewis.
thats a funny review.. but here, I'm giving 2 stars just to set you off---