The Clutch and Wiggle Experience

Reviews For The Clutch and Wiggle Experience

I really enjoyed it, I'm a tuff one to make laugh or tune back in. This is great! Can't wait for the next episode!
I just found out about this one. I have ton to catch up on. You gotta give it a listen.
Great show!!! Do yourself a favor and subscribe today
What it do Clutch and Wiggle! Its the boss Mr. Black from the five minutes away podcast. You've guys have been down with all that I do, and so any body who gotta problem with Clutch and the Wigg got a problem with me. They don't want no problems. Don't you ever open your mouth and talk about Clutch and the Wiggster! Or I'll come and have to shut your mouth for you! LOB! MR. Black of the Five Minutes Away Podcast
Can't go wrong with this podcast. Funny stuff!
I've been been hooked since the first show I heard. Clutch and Wiggle cover a wide variety of topics with intelligence, humor, and often just plain silliness. I've lost count of how many times they've discussed something in a way that I would never have thought of before. I highly recommend this show to everyone. It's truly one of the greats.
You'll be clutching your sides and wiggling in your seat when you listen to the Clutch and Wiggle experience. Rob "Clutch" and Craig "Wiggle" will set each other up just to knock each other down in this hilarious mix of jokes and craptastic news stories. You can't just listen to one without craving this unique blend of fun and gross out humor. Its not just a podcast, its an experience.
Very funny show, you won't be disappointed.
I really dislike this show.
The hosts have a great sense of humor and really seem at ease on the show! Give it a listen and enjoy!
Do yourself a favor and check out Clutch and Wiggle. Very funny & original Show. Subscribe and you shall be rewarded
Funny and clever! Definitely a must listen! -Alex Shane Grey from Hangin' Outcast, BfGf Podshow, Failure by Design.
These guys bring the funny each and every show. 5 stars!
Hard to pick who I like more. Fun show.
On Clutch and Wiggle they talk about things you never knew existed, and you'll quickly realize there's a reason you never knew about those things!
Aardvarks, buttholes galore. We can't get enough, we need more! Your friends at Unkempt!
Great show. I work a night job and listen all night. Love it keep up the good work guys.
Funny guys. Should definitely give them a listen. They're topical!
I enjoy that this is a podcast that appreciates every listener and they deliver a great show regularly. If you don't listen now, you should.
Listen to them dammit!
Us guys here at the "truth or truth" podcast thinks everyone should give these guys a listen.
This is a fairly funny show that grows on you with each listen.