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Really interesting! Super show!


By Tkd_Gal
In the History of Electricity in Medicine episode, I had to forward over 20 minutes before an advertisement break. I learned about electricity on a molecular level but at that point, not much else. I deleted the other episodes I downloaded because I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard.
Unbelievable that you blew it on such basic aviation terminology MCAS was implemented to push the nose down NOT to prevent an engine “stall” as you put it but to prevent an aerodynamic “wing” stall Do your basic homework
I really like this podcast, and I would like to provide some feedback. First, there are too many technical details in some episodes. For example, in the episode on the rockets, I do not think we need to know the weight of the rocket and its fuel to so much detail. Instead, what is making the rocket working is more important. Second, we are not a "tech history stuff", I think we should have less histories on, for example, the persons' life or how they interact with each other, those are less important as we are "tech stuff". Thanks, hope the podcast will get better.
I’ve always been interested in submarines and thanks for the in-depth information.
Though all the current and past episodes I have listened to the biggest surprise so far is that out of GE’s long history, there was no mention of GE’s history in the world wide locomotive industry.
Enough opeds. Get on with the tech!
Really enjoy the podcast but the puns are horrible please stop using them. Makes me not want to listen to more episodes.
Very informative. Technically the 4 forces are Lift, Drag, Thrust, and ....Weight. Weight is the force as a result of gravity, but gravity itself is not the force.
This is the highest compliment that I can pay to this show....It’s written by nerds for nerds. It dives deep into technical facts of so many interesting subjects. It explains them in a way that is accessible and understandable. If you love learning about computers, science, space, robots, programming and all the other cool things going on in the tech world, then this is for you. Jonathon Strickland is a fantastic host with lots of enthusiasm. The back catalog is deep and you can pick you favorites on almost anything.
This podcast is amazing, I love the throwbacks to some older tech and it’s fun to connect the dots between podcasts to see what affected what.
I just listened to the show on Spotify and the host’s torturous attempt to explain that pirating of music is not actually theft. His argument: some people who pirated music would not have purchased it anyway. But he naively misses the point that many who pirated the music WOULD have bought it. What a miss.
Please Don’t be a sellout. You’re better than that. I really don’t enjoy you pretending to mix in a podcast with what is purely marketing for IBM on a 2 min ad! Update. This really long ad is still playing. Very uncreative. If this is a podcast about “all things Tech “then why are you just talking about IBM for two straight minutes? Talk about your actual show, not one of the once great, now fledging tech companies out there.
He only gets four stars because he is the Quizter
The content is like an assortment of wiki articles related to the title topic. Lots of random facts sprinkled around with no real conversation or personal opinions/experiences to tie things together. The dry delivery doesn’t help matters. Reading the script with some energy and humor would make this show more interesting. I still listen to occasional episodes hoping for some hidden jewels on the topic and usually come away unimpressed. This show is best for those who know nothing at all about the topic and want a very broad and shallow overview. Not great for those who are looking to learn more about something with which you are already familiar.
This show gives great information and spotlights on tech companies, people, products and ideas. No surprise that it gives you knowledge on anything technology wise. I tune in to be updated on all the things I need to stay relevant in this tech burgeoning world.
TechStuff is one of the three original podcasts by HowStuffWorks, and that means it has a huge archive that still outputs great episodes. Jonathan is very informative and all things tech. Seriously, he's been doing it for over a decade. He tries very much to not let his opinions affect the content, a little too hard in our opinion. One criticism we'd give is that it sounds a bit lonely without a co-host like Chris or Lauren. Jonathan's informed enough to make up for it, but he needs a buddy on-screen to bounce info. Still great though.
Beep boop beep... Subscirbe for the best tech pod around
He fills my brains.
Though I’m a tech guy it’s really hard to keep track of everything that happens in tech world. This podcast is wonderful and brings everything to my ears. Thanks and keep up your good work. Cheers
As a technology teacher I’m always looking for a new and innovative way to learn more about technology and this podcast does it perfectly.
The topics are interesting but Johnathan is unbearably boring. He often ventures down long tangents that aren’t on topic and sometimes gets a little too detailed on very technical material. And he takes forever to say anything. A 50 minute episode is probably only about 20 minutes of good content. I rarely finish episodes because they are so boring and hard to listen to. Also, I hate saying this but I can’t stand how Johnathan’s voice sounds. It sounds like he has a deviated septum or his nose is just totally stuffed up all the time.
Great podcast, but the commercials trigger my Amazon Echo every time. Gets annoying.
Great topics and fun to listen to. Not boring.
Good content choices and all well researched. Only losing a star because something about the way the conversation goes is mentally exhausting. Maybe not enough comedic relief thrown in or difference in personality between the hosts? Not sure.


Never realized I was interested in this before.
I love that the stuff he covers is from my era. 80's and 90's Tech it is nice reliving these moments, and hearng about thte cool stuff that happened when i was younger John is a good host, he blabs on and on sometimes but who doesnt.
Jonathan never fails to teach me more about the world of technology. He has tons of experience explaining complicated topics and breaking it down for the common person without a visual aid and probably deserves a raise.
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Anti-Apple propaganda
Jonathan Stickland is too good for this network. Hopefully one day he will find another job that will let him create truly inspiring work. As for now, it's not bad. I appreciate his genuine attitude and thought out explanations.
This show has good & interesting info, but I think it would be easier to listen to if the host had a cohost.
Have listened to Techstuff on and off for a long time and I love coming back and binging as shows have built up. I love the lecture style as it allows me to listen and follow without the distraction that a multi-host show may have with handoffs, inane banter or too much of their opinion.
I’ve loved every episode. The interview style is great. These folks have done their homework and give tons of details and backstory. I’m a fan.
Apple podcast allows 2x speed, there are other podcast that offer up to 3x speed. So let’s do the math after leaving a negative comment... so you don’t have time to listen to multiple episodes a week? So get rid of the BS that you do not listen to anywho and speed up these episodes. There ya go, problem solved! I make sure I don’t miss an episode because I REALLY LIKE THIS PODCAST, capiche? Ok, that’s what I thought. Keep up the good work on your information, much appreciated, many thx, shalom.
I miss the old format of one or two episodes a week. There are too many episodes to keep up with now, and I don't find the topics as interesting.
I like this podcast a lot, and usually listen every night as I go to sleep, trying to keep the eyes away from my LCD for a bit before sleeping while still taking in the internet. I always watch because the topic is well spoken by Jonathan, and it seems to be the most clean/professional/scheduled/whatever you might call it. I love all things tech, but it would be nice to get more knowledge about how technology is made, developed, used, what goes into it, how it works, etc. than to learn the history of EBay or just other odd little topics for a week.
I liked Tech Stuff for awhile but the pace of episodes have been coming out way too fast. I don't think the quality is as good when multiple episodes are uploaded per week. I think it really feels rushed and that something has been lost when the host focused extensively on a certain subject.
Listening to Johnathan Strickland’s voice in this podcast is like, waking up on a Sunday morning in a sun soaked bed knowing you have nothing on your to-do list.
Let me start of by saying I’ve listened to every episode and I’ve been a fan for the last 2 years. I think he does a fantastic job of researching each topic and you can really feel that he cares about what he’s talking about. My only complaint is that he goes into far to much detail about the technical aspects of the topic he speaking about. For example when talking about Nokia’s history he went into how paper is made and how cell phones work for 10+ minutes each time. It really takes away from the main topic and can get boring.
These shows are great at providing background and details without getting too bogged down in the math. Would love to see the same on jpg and pdf formats
Awesome, very informative in a short amount of time! It’s incredible!!
First, let me start off by saying I love tech and was really excited about this podcast when it first came out. Unfortunately, after the first few episodes, I had to stop listening. I don’t know what it is about the host, but he makes it unbearable. He’s a little condescending, drones on, and isn’t funny. He makes the podcast feel like I’m back in college in an 8 a.m. required 101 class about tech, which no one wants to be there, but have to because it’s a requirement. It’s gotten to the point where, every time he makes an appearance on another show on the network, I stop listening, no matter where they are at in the show. It’s so bad, that it’s starting to effect how I view other shows that regularly have him on as a guest, resulting in me losing interest in those shows. With that being said, there a lot of other tech shows out there, do yourself a favor and listen to one of those
If you are interested in a particular topic and you want to get down in the weeds you’re in the right place. There is a lot of manufacturer bias. Example, the encryption podcast is really about how the RSA algorithm works. There’s a lot of opinion that may or may not be right. If you are interested in the underlying history and business decisions, and even some of the cultural forces that acted on a products development then it’s very good, even entertaining. At least a third of each podcast needs left in the editing booth’s circular bin. That will change the rating to 4 stars.
Good topics. Decently researched. Updated often. The host has a habit of talking and talking without thinking of what he’s trying to say so it can get a tiny bit irritating especially with the jokes and stumbling over his words but overall a good effort and worth a subscribe.
I’m done unsubscribe
This podcast has grown tremendously since it's launch. Whereas episodes used to explain what the object or technology is/was, now it's a deep dive into whatever topic he's talking about. But he frequently makes bad puns and jokes about himself being old that can get annoying. It's an all around good podcast.
Jonathan does a great job of explaining technical subjects to lay people