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Praise God that He is using brother Swaggart's ministry to tell people the truth. It's so refreshing to hear the message of the Cross and not have to live up to every man-made fallacy to be saved! Since finding this ministry, I read my bible more, have a greater love for the Lord and am believing and finally trusting Him in everything everyday! Praise God for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries!
I have heard these on burnt CDs and it's amazing I'll list to him instead of hip hop or other music,only problem I can't listing to these downloads as songs unless I have wifi
i love your messages because the anointing of the holy ghost is upon them and speak to my heart


By Oneway5
Praise God me and my wife were baptized in the Holy Spirit our first visit to family worship center
I praise God for this ministry. I ran across this ministry on a local radio channel. I was in the middle of searching God's word on where my faith she be place in. I was hungry to know more about God and was questioning my doctorines that I was trusting in. God showed me in His word little by little about faith in His finished work at calvary. This ministry was a witness alot of the time to what God was teaching me and was refreshing to hear a ministry that was totaly dependant on God and not man's newest program. Now my family and I are a member of Family Worship Center Media church. Now matter what I face in life, weather it is the stress of the daily pain from a old injury, financial hardship, or any trial in life I go through, I know where to place my faith in and know the victory is already supplied from Jesus Christ because of what He did at calvary for me.
It's a blessing 2 listen to a real man used by God I was decirved by all the false teachers on tv but now I see the light praise the lord !!!!!!


I would listen to Sonlife Radio on a regular basis when I lived in Baton Rouge and it always spoke to my spirit. The new area I moved to does not have the telecast and I miss listening to it as I drive in my work vehicle. I am very pleased to see the ministry is offering the telecasts in podcasts and allow the listeners outside of their telecast region the opportunity to receive the powerful message this ministry brings forth.
Your preaching touches me like none other. Your Mother and Daddy have blessed the world over and over again. God bless you all.
I remember listening to Donnie's father Jimmy Swaggart as a little girl. I have always enjoyed his ministry. It thrills my soul to know that Donnie has followed in his footsteps. They are spirit-filled men of God with a Holy Ghost anointing. You can just feel the presence of God when you listen to them.
The other day I downloaded one of Donnie's messages and listened to it on my i-pod as I washed my truck. I came back into the house and downloaded another. And then another. It took me all day to wash my truck, but praise God it sure is clean now. Keep preaching the truth!
Donnie and Jimmie are best, Spirit-filled preachers alive. I've learned more about Jesus, the Cross and the work of the Holy Spirt from their preaching and teaching than from 40 years sitting in a local Baptist church and attending weekly sunday school. God bless them, and thank you for making your sermons available.
I no longer have a television due to financial difficulties. But Praise the Lord I can hear you messages online at itunes. I wish you would have a live streaming video of each weeks messages on your website. I will be praying for that. Keep preaching the Gospel Donnie. Sandra Van Asch Hurricane, Utah
My heart is blessed to see and hear this annointed man of God on Itunes. Please take the time to listen, you will be blessed.
it was about time . Gloire a Dieu
praise the Lord. Donnie I prayed about the ministry getting a podcast and now it is here. keep preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. sincerely Paul Swilley
I praise God and give him thanks for the message of the cross of Christ by which I have been forgiven and set free. The message which is the focus of the Swaggarts' ministry has stood the test of time. It still saves. It still sets men free. It is the only message that has the power to do so. In this New Age of watered down ministry, the Holy Spirit still points to that which is old and rugged.