Reviews For Casey Stratton Audio Podcasts

casey is unabashedly human, and not so out-of-reach as one might think. when one enjoys an artist, one often wonders about their background; their life outside the song. this is the real deal, folks. those of you who've bought the digital albums or have attended his concerts... i'm not talking to you. you've probably listened to these outpourings countless times. but, you, casual listener, if you've ever wondered what rattles about in the mind of a magnificent artist you can truly appreciate, casey opens the door and lets all the marbles fall where they may.
Hey, Casey! Josh in Seattle, here. I'm so glad you're doing a podcast! It's always interesting to hear what artists think and feel about their own work, so getting insight into your process is a real treat. And it's fantastic that you play live songs during each session - LOVING that you played Pretty Horses - whee! Keep it up, you!!!