The Fox

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I forced myself to hear 6 of the 45minutes but just couldn't take it anymore! :-0 Extremely robotic/monotone voice with no emotion or emphasis in the correct places. Please get someone with an Irish or British accent (like me) to re-record and it will make better sense, since it's about the celts etc......sorry, but my 4yr old reads better! I just skipped forward to the last chapter...the reading improves :-)
The story telling is superb, I loved the characters, the story, and being able to listen to the author read the story! Truly enjoyed this, both the historical and archeolgy parts to the story as well as the wonderful characters. I still want to read the story myself even after listening to the story! :)
what a great story, I actually sat by the fire. how much fun to listen and hear the names of historic figures. hail to storytellers everywhere.
Loved this story from beginning to end. Almost didn't listen to it because the readers voice is a bit robotic, but once you get over that you realize how great the story is and it isn't so bothersome.
This podcast was wonderful. The writing was what most writers dream of ... To be able to transport the reader to the tale. Well done! I will purchase this book in support. Thanks for the journey. Bookcat
Ancient Celts, modern archeologists, adventure, steamy romance, and many other great story elements all woven together wonderfully read by the author. Arlene has a wonderful voice that makes her story easy to listen to. The way the story moves back and forth between yesteryear and modern times transitions easily without any confusion, even though the characters are similar. The way Arlene describes everything so well and so vividly I could almost smell the peat moss and wood smoke, heather, laurel and all the other herbs used by the ancient Celts. The Fox is a great way to enjoy several hours loosing one's self in another time and another place.
This was an excellent story and I was highly impressed by it. I am loving my new found world of the podcast novels. Ms. Radasky's voice is very pleasant, however, I do have to say that the reading is a bit disjunct and is difficult to listen to at times. It is too bad as I feel that it took away from the experience of the story. I like to listen with ear buds, and there is a "tinny" quality to the sound at several points. With another style of headphone I am sure it isn't noticeable. I like how at the end of the chapters there are pieces of music as well. Aside from the technical aspect of this recording, the story is wonderful and very vivid. Lots of detail for for the picture!! Well done!
Enjoying this book - at first I was not so sure, but as I listened to more I enjoy the back and forth between the two worlds. Also funy how Radasky sometimes writes that it takes a character an hour to go somewhere or other times reference is the number of summers or moons. Interesting mix of then and now.
Nice. Arlene has a terrific reader voice and does an excellent job with inflection. As for the story, it was very well written and organized.
A wonderful trip into a fictional history with ties to the present. The story makes you think, makes you want to explore and gives a new twist on the past that we know. It left me in tears that the book had to end. The author really has a look into the past that is fresh and exciting! I look forward to more of Ms. Radasky's work!
sure helped my walking each morning - the miles just flew by, thanks! Sue
The way Ms. Radasky combines intricate historic and archaeoligical knowlege shows just how much backround work she did for this novel. The only problem I had with the podcast was sometimes it was difficult to hear the story. Other than that, I loved it. I totally agree with one of my co-reviewers-I can't wait for more. Please keep podcasting your writing, it is great that the listing audience is considered by you-thank you for being a part of the podcasting community. If all your stories are as involved and entertaining as this one,you have a listener for life.Loved the characters and premise of this jewel of a novel.
Fun story that gives your imaginaton plenty of rope. Begs for different readers for some of the characters if ever a book could. Thanks for putting it here.
Do you want to see how times don't really change? Do you want to listen to a great story that has great accompanying music? If you want all of this, plus having a story that makes you feel as if you are standing in the same field in 79 A.D. or 2005. This is the story for you. Well read, well written, and just down right enjoyable. Please listen, and you won't be sorry.
Ever wanted to be transported into another time or place while you smoosh against the smelly masses during your commute? Yeah, me too. Listening to The Fox will do just that. This well written, deeply researched book will have you dreading the moment you arrive home and have to take out your earbuds.
This is a fascinating tale of druids, destruction, hope, sacrifice and love that will have you reaching for the tissue. Rich dynamitic characters reveal the ancient past through the eyes of a present day archeologist. and is improves with every chapter. Thank you for sharing your work!