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As an expat American in New Zealand, Arthur takes full advantage of the insights a little distance can give you into both his homelands.
I love this show because I learn more about my country as an American from an American abroad then most newscasters here. Just a delight to listen to!
Podcaster Arthur is super smart. This is a personal journal with a touch of politics. This is a must listen.
Arthur is an American living with his partner in New Zealand. This gives him a slightly different perspective on world events than someone who is in the US. He also presents us with events in NZ, a countryy that is seldom in the news in the US, but maybe should be an example of a progressive outlook. Arthur also has shows where he invites a variety of stimulating people to air their ideas.
I relate very much to Arthur's podcasts Maybe it's that we are both old poli science majors. The fact he's white gay expat from Illinois and I'm a black straight in New York State does not diminish our commonality. I must say that I'm quite fond of his backstory of Arthur moving halfway around the world to New Zealand for love.
I like that I learn something new everytime I listen. One of my favorites.
Good audio, but this podcast is all political, this host has some crazy liberal ideas.
Arthur's Podcast is varied but consistent. He can always be counted on to provide a thoughtful, humorous, and human account of life. He expresses his opinions clearly without apologies or malice. Every program is like a dinner conversation with a good friend. (Plus, the production quality is always solid.) If you want a glimpse into the life of an American abroad, including the peculiars of his new homeland and a reflection on America from half-way around the world, Arthur adds a perspective that is valuable and insightful.
This is a great podcast that covers a variety of topics and the guests on his show are very insightful and will make you think. Arthur shares his life in New Zealand with his wonderful partner Nigel.
Arthur is a gay man living with his partner in New Zealand, and his show features his life, loves, and interests. Arthur gives us a glimpse into the experience of being an expatriate. He often compares and contrasts life in the US vs. life in New Zealand. This is a podcast well worth listening to!
Arthur is straightforward, to the point and yet lets his personality shine through. A refreshing with, intellect and a wide variety of interests continue to amaze me - and you might find him 'internationally charming' too!
Arthur is a very charming and polite podcaster who delivers an interesting podcast about New Zealand, current issues, and his life. I love it hearing about the beautiful country of New Zealand. Great podcast!
I absolutely love listening to Arthur talk about his life in NZ. His podcasts are always interesting and entertaining to boot!
Without a doubt AmeriNZ is my favorite podcast produced by an American who lives abroad.
Arthur twice weekly addresses contemporary issues from both the United States and New Zealand in a calm and measured manner in his rich, deep, clear, voice. I look forward to the latest posting and wish I could listen to them while at work or while I'm still in class.
Arthur shares his views about life and politics from the view point of an American living in New Zealand. Giving listeners a refreshing look at life and politics.
Of the many things I like about Arthur's podcast is the discussion of social and political issues which shows him to be a thoughtful and sensitive person. And I get to hear about life in New Zealand and his life with his boyfriend.
A great little slice of life from New Zealand!


By Nick V2
Defintely a 5 star podcast!!!
I'm not usually really big on personal blogs but this one is really well done.
Strong smooth voice, great insight on New Zealand, great production you can't lose with AmeriNZ!
Seriously great fun show!
Arthur is very informative, insightful, and entertaining. I may not know what he is talking about 100% of the time, but I still want to listen. That is a definite sign of a GREAT podcast. Love, Nessa XO
I always enjoy a new AmeriNZ in my iTunes. You will, too! Politics, culture, personal musings, they're all here with one of the nicest hosts in podcast land.
Arthur is a American who has found a new life in New Zealand. His podcast is about the life of an ex-pat. He talks about life in NZ, politics (both American and NZ) and many other things. It's truly a great podcast and one I can't recommend highly enough. Plus he's got the sexiest voice. I could listen to a show of him reading the ingredients off the package of M&Ms and still love it. -walt
Run, don't walk to subscribe to this show! Arthur is always very interesting and informative, and does it with just a slight (yet adorable) Kiwi accent! :) Love the show!