Reviews For SCL: The Subject, Composition and Light Photography Podcast

This a wonderful podcast. He is a guy with a passion for photography. I enjoy listening to his challenges, how to improve, finding time to make photos and such. the same challenges we all have balancing work, home and photography. hang in there Rob. Keep up the good work.
I'm new to the podcast but i like his reviews and his how to's!!
Easy to understand not like Another just for famous and workshop
Aways a great listen. Yes sometimes the audio is not the best but Robs enthusiasm more than makes up for it. I always look forward to hearing about his journey through photography. His podcast is more like a diary and much more personal than others. Give it a try.
I don't know what this guy is thinking. DO NOT RECORD A AUDIO PODCAST WHILE DRIVING. The sound is horrid. I had to stop listening within the first 30 seconds because it's so bad.
I listen to plenty of photography related podcasts, but this is one of my favorites. Not only has it been enjoyable listening to Rob learn photography, but he has taught me much that I missed along the way of my own learning path. He also serves as a great inspiration to get out and try new techniques, self-assignments, and just get out and shoot more. Enthusiastic and charming, Rob provides a great environment for novice and expert photographers alike. Thank you!
Rob, I started listening to your podcast about 3 weeks ago, and I love it. I like to keep up with all of the technical news about new cameras, lenses, software, and technology. There are plenty of podcasts to provide information like this. Your podcast goes more toward feeding the creative side. I like to listen to your accounts of photowalks, your method, the thinking that guides your photography, the tradeoffs that must be made for a particular shot, and so on. Your podcast often sounds like the internal monologue going through my head when I'm out shooting somewhere, and it's fascinating to be able to listen in on someone else's photography monologue. I also like that you have an appreciation for the old (film) gear and the photographers who came before us (in the form of the car boot sale books you purchase and review). To anyone looking for a photography podcast, I'd highly recommend SCL. See if it doesn't stimulate your creative side a little. Thanks.
Really enjoy SCL and Rob! Lots of good info presented in a friendly, fun way. Highly enjoyable and inspiring.
Following Rob's personal journey into photographic world, you get provoked to think about your own. With product recommendations and photo book reviews, you get so many ideas how to go about your photography.
Informative and entertaining. Rob's passion for photography shines through. His ideas on Flickr are inovative as well.
Learn with Rob as he gets better at photography. He has some great ideas and insights. When I fall behind the shows and listen again, it's like catching up with an old friend.