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I agree with the previous comments. I sometimes listen because I think the topic could be interesting but often just fast forward the whole episode as the commercials are also frequent and annoying. Kathy
Love, love , love this podcast! The host are fun to listen and laugh with .
One of my favorite podcasts. I really like the range of topics these ladies choose to discuss. They remind me of my nerdy cool self.
This podcast is brilliant. It’s the only thing that is keeping me going in the COVID19 outbreak. I love you guys!
They were better
Love filling in my knowledge gaps in manageable pieces. I’ve listened for years, but especially appreciate this show and the hosts during social distancing 2020.
Lively but thought out discussion of ‘stuff’ that is not generally known in history. Enjoy very much...thanks so much!!!
I love Holly and Tracy as hosts, they pick such great topics, they really research deeply, they are also very self aware and considerate with warning if something will be graphic etc. This pod is my calm place, when I’m anxious or can’t sleep I put an episode on and as soon as I hear the ladies voices I relax. Weird how a pod can do that but there you go! Thanks gals x
I love to store up a few of these and then binge listen when I’m doing the laundry. Tracy & Holly are a delight to listen to and Do a great job of researching the topics.
These hosts are hilarious and upbeat, even during this zombie apocalypse.
I love this show. I love the hosts. The content is informative and interesting and the hosts are a delight. Thank you ladies and producers and writers etc...I swear, you soothed me through a terrible migraine day. Thanks!
I have been listening to this podcast for over 10 years and I have learned SO much. It never disappoints. I hope I get to listen for another 10 years. Thank you Holly and Tracy for all your hard work!
Just google your own history interests. That's all this podcast has ever done.
I’ve listened to this podcast for 6 years. I’ve found it super soothing during the majority of that time but now I can’t get through an episode because the ads have gotten so bad. It’s plain distracting. I’m unsubscribing. There are better history podcasts out there without Walmart ads in the middle of them!
iheart really has made this unlistenable.... and I really loved this show A LOT! Too many ads and plugs for other unrelated, or even remotely witty things. It’s a shame what a big company can do when they go for a cash grab.
The information is interesting, but PLEASE stop reading super old documents verbatim.
I am a recent listener to this and all podcasts. The principal where I work got me hooked on these ladies. They are so full of life and laughter as well as sensitive about topics they discuss. I’ve learned so much in the past few months about all sorts of things. Love, Love , Love. Keep laughing ladies it does my heart good. Cheers Elizabeth From Kentucky.
When I first discovered podcasts, this was my first. Never leave your first love. Still very good.
i really love this podcast, but i had to remove a star because of the incessant and annoying iHeartRadio ads. we get it! that’s the network it’s on! goodness gracious. it makes me want to avoid listening to this podcast. i most definitely will not listen to others on this network.
(Commercial) (Commercial) iHeart is trying to make things unlistenable. We will be back after this message (Commercial). I line the idea of the alternative stories. The unearthed are my favs. BRB (Commercial), thanks ladies (Commercial) And now listen to (aka click to something else) a completely different podcast that you did not subscribe to
I really enjoy the podcasts, especially the presentation style of these hosts! I have noticed the increase in your audience and using that as documentation supporting my point of view, I suggest you ignore the negative review with the host comment!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. The topics are fascinating and Tracy and Holly have great personalities. I feel like I know them. I appreciate the cultural sensitivity in their descriptions of past events. Holly your purple hair is EVERYTHING!!!!
This podcast does a great job bringing attention to lesser known events and historical figures, as well as expanding on events that we perhaps didn’t get the full story on when we learned about it in school. As a side note, some of these reviews complaining about the hosts are hilarious - Tracy and Holly have been hosting since 2013. They’re not new, their voices are fine, they do a great job, sometimes humans laugh, their bosses decide on the ads. Just listen and learn.
I love learning new things with these two quirky, intelligent and thoughtful women. As a person of color and an educator, I appreciate their thoughtfulness in their inclusivity of a variety of histories and how they approach them with respect and curiosity.
I love the content. Lesser known history and historical figures. But not much more to appreciate about this podcast. It sounds like the hosts are reading out of a textbook. Two hosts taking turns reading. No back and forth banter or even conversation. Just 2 people alternating reading. Ad lib with some back and forth between the hosts would do a lot for this podcast.
Had to post a review to get rid of the one showing that called you both annoying and called for your exit.... you are both precious and my favorite podcast to listen to, please never leave!! Keep doing what you do and making history exciting for the masses. BEST PODCAST EVER!!
Love listening to these lovely ladies during the work day. I have even got into the past episodes with other hosts and enjoy these as well! Informative. Interesting. Amusing. Charming. Thanks for keeping my brain busy!
I have enjoyed this show for years and learned a lot more about historical figures and events than I ever thought I would. I think the hosts are great and I admire the “due diligence” that goes into every episode and the lengths they go to in order to provide factual evidence and data behind the stories. However, it does bother me that there seems to be a political bias that creeps in that is not acknowledged. The information is presented in a way that seems objective but really there is a fairly heavy revisionist slant in almost every episode. I appreciate the fact that any presentation of historical people and events is going to contain some kind of bias in that you need to make choices in how you present it. It would be hard, if not impossible, to present the information in a wholly unbiased way. I do feel that for the sake of transparency this bias should be discussed rather than treating the presentation as in some way definitive or “how people should hear it.” I don’t even always disagree with the way the hosts present the information or their (fairly obvious) political views, but I feel they should be more open in discussing how they view history and that someone else may view it differently.
While a slightly left wing podcast, a little bit to many ads, and the hosts do have somewhat nasally voices; but, they do bust the myth that history revolves around white men, and they do a amazing job of keeping the podcast rolling. They do in-depth research and analysis, and they do a well done job of explaining backstory. It doesn’t seem like their talking off a script, and they take more or less equal time sharing the spotlight.
I know they try to stick to just the facts but sometimes the content can be a bit slow and dull. Every time I see an episode that looks promising they somehow make it boring. It’s kind of like the Lima beans of podcasts. Good to have around, but also disappointing. I wish they would infuse a little excitement into their presentation.
Clearly a racist. Also, maybe it’s about time someone started apologizing. @jesspie1994, ✍️write this down so your ignorance isn’t so loud down the road. You’re president suxxx.
They seem like good people and all that well informed etc. however the laugh of one of them is abysmal. It is so terribly bad it makes it unlistenable. I get ppl have an ugly laugh but the sentence in which is pre-laugh doesn’t warrant a laugh so it’s even more staggering. Again with that major atrocity out of the way it’s not terrible overall


By Ann1490
Fantastic topics and the hosts have a great way of sharing the stories.
I’m laughing at the review that accuses this of being a left wing podcast just because it includes all the terrible things that white people have done to people of color throughout history. Since when is human decency only a left wing thing? Plus that is literally the point of this podcast. They’re talking about the things you DON’T learn about in school. They’re not focusing on any one topic there’s just a LOT of history left out of class that has to do with white people being absolutely terrible. We (white people) need to hear these things if we ever want to be less terrible. Keep up the good work, ladies.
It’s really hard to get past the super cringey “white guilt” persona these hosts put on. Almost every episode is some sort of PC rhetoric or apologizing for how history was. They used to do some more interested topics, now it’s all very political. They’ll spend one episode on Christmas a year but they’ll do every episode in February on black history month.
The podcast is lovely. I would recommend it to people who are in to history.


Love the show, wish there was more new content and less classics. Also, I would LOVE more stuff on mythology and legends, there is always so much interesting stuff behind them.
After binge listening some of the earlier stuff I finally had to unsubscribe. There was a bit too much personal thoughts and opinions interjected from Tracy and Holly, too much ‘repeated’ from archives clogging other feeds and just in general it got stale having entirely too much content coming in too fast. That being said, if you find particular topics interesting, You’ll DEFINITELY learn something from this podcast.
Laughing randomly without humor. Very “Joker-like”.
Tooooooooo many commercials!
Terrible things have happened in history and these lovely ladies do a well job bringing you facts and telling the story lost in the history books. Learn about people you’ve never heard of, and learn more about people you’ve heard of.
I love this podcast, but hearing the same commercial for Milano cookies every time a new episode comes into my que is starting to drive me crazy. Please, either make new commercials or find another sponsor. The repetition is like nails on a chalkboard.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for around 4 years now, and I love the deep dives into topics and people I might’ve never come across on my own. I enjoyed the previous hosts, and really love Holly and Tracy’s sense of friendship and ability to just be their authentic, fun, quirky selves on air. One of my favorites!!
Stop with that annoying laugh, talking through your nose, and let Tracy talk without interrupting her. This was my favorite podcast for years, didn't miss an episode. Tracy Wilson could be good, but Holly won't let her finish a thought. You've lost a fan till you replace Holly. I'm sick about it because I know how good it was. 5 stars before these hosts.


By kcbxk
Victory is not good
Love the idea of this podcast. I love history and especially the weird unheard of history, but these 2 hosts have voices that shouldn’t be on radio. Add that with their obvious liberal views and I just can’t do it. Sounds like they’re going back and forth from a script and their tone on some subjects are uncalled for. Currently finding a similar podcast with different hosts!
I couldn’t get past the host voice. I was really interested and excited about this post cast but her voice. It’s nothing personal but it’s nails on a chalkboard.
I LOVE THIS PODCAST. It needs to be said that I both love and hate listening sometimes... because sometimes it’s something that makes me hate where we are in history. And it terrifies me how far we have yet to go. BUT it is teaching me so much about the world and removes the spin that authors of the histories of my youth have placed upon the world around me. I listen to every single new episode, and I’m constantly scrolling for older I have yet to learn from. I’m not occupying my mind while I’m driving/working, I’m learning to be a better me from the history of my/our ancestry. Thanks guys!! ❤️❤️
I love this podcast for the variety of its topics! Well-researched, covers interesting people or events, and I love that they point out good resources if you want to learn more. I’ve been listening to Stuff You Missed in History for years and really appreciate the friendship between Holly and Tracy.