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How do you listen to older episodes? I can’t go back very far.
Still w.a.s. after all these years.
I'll try and keep this short but.....You three are fantastic, informative and entertaining. I found this podcast around the 300 episode mark and loved it so much that, since iTunes didn't have the whole feed, I downloaded PodBean and i'm going back to the start and listening from the beginning! I'm on episode 58! Some episodes I've gotten an error on and sadly had to skip. I feel like I'm missing out on jokes, games and stories about you guys. Anyway, the wide variety of games that are talked about is appreciated and it's interesting to hear the different segments you guys used to do. I love all of Stu's stories, the sound clips, Chinny's impressions and just the overall feel of this podcast. I can't tell you how many times I've laughed out loud at work. Thank you for sharing with us all your love of games!
This is by far my favorite podcast. These three are very entertaining and informative. The have perfect chemistry in interacting.
When I first listened I thought this is too chaotic with too much rambling off topic, but by the second episode I listened to I started to enjoy all of the chaos and personalities of the hosts. Chinny is downright hilarious and they give you a variety of opinions on the games they have been playing. And now I'm to the point where I am looking forward to the new episode to drop every Thursday.
Good podcast but the American guy is annoying.
Love the show, chinny my man keep up the jokes!
I like that the guys in The Veteran Gamers are mature gamers; that is, they appreciate games as art and have enough of a sense of history to make comparisons between games. I also like the differences of opinion that come from the American, Duke, because they fuel the discussions. The only real fault of the podcast is Duke's insistance on using sound effects in the manner of an old-fashioned morning radio show. He doesn't even seem to have a true soundboard either; he seems to manually fetch videos from YouTube for his sound clips, which quickly lose their relevancy and humor in the meantime.
What's not to love about Duck, Schtu and Chimney!?!
I've been listening to this podcast for a while now and only just realized I have never given them a review. It's a really fun listen and the guys are always funny. They also provide valuable insight into the latest games and gaming news. I look forward to it each week and keep up the great work guys!
One of the best video game podcast listens on the web week after week. Two Brits and a Yank. Lightning In a Bottle. Cheers. (Yeah I want those iTunes reviews ... I got some. I got some.) -Seth
I've been listening to this podcast for a few years now, and it's still one that I look forward to every week. the 3 hosts (and occaional guest host) are excellent ! they discuss all types of games, for all the current consoles, and dabble a little in PC gaming too. also they try to promote indie games which not many podcasts do. There is also a fabulous community related to the podcast and playdates as well with a great group of fellow gamers ! A great listen ! Thanks
Stu, Duke and Chinny are some of the most good natured, thoughtful and downright hilarious people on the web these days. If you play video games, definitely give them a listen, if you don't play video games, still, give them a listen. After a few episodes you'll feel like you've found three new friends. These shows are long but never tedious, and a great way to burn through a long commute. Participation is also encouraged. Anyone can email in and help spark a discussion, and the community built around this podcast is awesome. Also, there is a swearing robot.
Veteran Gamers are hands down thee greatest podcast out there. The passionate and loud Duke, Randomized Chin action from Chinny, and Fatherly good gaming advice from Big Daddy...non stop laughs and great insight in today's gaming world...prepare to have your mind blown! (as well as your ear drums courtesy of Duke) Enjoy Yo' Selves!
This podcast is "appointment listening" for me each week. I enjoy these three guys and their individual contributions tremendously and very much enjoy how well they riff off each other bacause they are friends who know one another so well. Also, making the effort to have set pieces on the show, quizzes, reviews, etc, keeps the pace entertaining without allowing conversation to ever tail off to an awkward silence like so many other podcasts, including ones for gaming magazines, tend to do. Very professionally done and it makes for wonderfully enjoyable listening for 2+ hours. I really respect the effort they must give to be clever and witty for that length of time, really a huge accomplishment, especially when one considers this is their avocation and is done in addition to regular jobs and families and daily responsibilities. Cheers to what feels like 'my mates' from the deep in the heart of Texas. Listen to this!
These guys know how to entertain, I'll find myself laughing at work when someone comes walking by the office giving me weird looks because these guys are funny and know what they're doing. The random sound bits that will pop up all the time are fun to listen to, and just listening to Stu, Duke, and Chinny talk on topic, off topic , or in the not even close to topic will hook you in and keep you around.
These guys know how to entertain, I'll find myself laughing at work when someone comes walking by the office giving me weird looks because these guys are funny and know what they're doing. The random sound bits that will pop up all the time are fun to listen to, and just listening to Stu, Duke, and Chinny talk on topic, off topic , or in the not even close to topic will hook you in and keep you around.
This is an incredible podcast. The perfect combination laughs and gaming information. If you do not subscribe to this what are you waiting for ... hit the subscribe button now and enjoy!
This podcast is a "bunch of guys sitting around talking about what games they played since the last podcast". Exactly what I want in a GAMING PODCAST! The interaction between the hosts as they discuss what they've been playing and what games are on the horizon is what makes the show fun. If you're looking for some laughs with your gaming podcast, this is the place to be. Great guys, great community.
A bunch of guys sitting around talking about what games they played since the last podcast. BO-ring!
These guys are Rockin it "Old School"! Who says you have to be young to play the video games?! Not these guys! A good mix of game information, humor, and game review. I like hearing what these guys think and tend to find they have the same thoughts I do on games. I especially like hearing about the indie games, they are the first podcast Ive heard to review them. Keep up the good work. If you don't listen to these guys it's a crime.
These 3 guys inform you of the best games around and sometimes acouple of bad ones like Section 8 (Duke). They also talk about a variety of diferent topics on gaming and sometimes a quiz. Also they do a segment for reviewing indi games. Give them a try it wont hurt your pocket and I'm porsitive you will be LOLing within a couple minutes. Keep up the good work vet.s (I was totally not bribed to write this review ;)
Great podcast. Lots of news on upcoming games and trviews on games they're playing. Toppped off with some funny one liners! Doesn't get any better!
Informative and Extra Funny. These guys bring you all the weekly gaming news and more with humor that will leave you in stiches. If your looking for a gaming podcast to listen to, your search is over!
This gives you everything you ever could want!! Each person is so funny and when you think about it! It could be one of the best things i have ever listend too! No matter what you think before it will give you a memorable time and its long enough to chill for the day and make you think every time you hear it! So sit back and relax and give them your ears because they really deserve it!! Theres nobody like them so give them a try they could change your life and gaming forever
Really fun and informative podcast with everything you need on all aspects of gaming today. All three podcasters work really well together and are a joy to listen to. Always a great time and great unbiased reviews, this podcast is a must for any gamer!
I've been a regular listener for about a year and haven't been disappointed yet. They provide balanced reviews (from blockbusters to Indie games) and interesting discussions while never taking themselves too seriously (and often being quite hilarious). The format evolves regularly with new segments such as quiz shows, etc. Always worth a listen. They're also building a great little online community over at
Recently found your podcast and after listening to only one episode I already can't wait for the next. You guys have a great synergy and I love how you play off each other throughout the show. I'd highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in gaming or even if your not these guys are entertaining to the core. Keep up a show very well done.
Has to be the best gaming podcast on itunes, I really don't understand why there aren't more reviews for this podcast. This show is hilarious and I look foward to it every week. Hope this podcast lasts for a long time. Also, The Simpsons are awesome, Duke, did you see the Simpsons intro with Kesha's tik tok, that was funny. :)
Good show that stays on topic. Stu, Duke, and Chinny are pretty damned funny as well. Loving the anti-Activision stuff as of late too. Keep it up!
Sounds like the guys are having lots of fun. Just fans of games shooting the breeze together, talking about what we love. FAO Chinny, the Wii is a console! LOL J/K
I've just started listening to podcasts and i really dig the way that the o35s podcast makes video games sound cool and not the typical nerdy feel to it. I enjoy listening and at times find myself answering back at times lol. Jokes are great and i would definately recommend this podcast to all. Keep it up
Great podcast and it stays focused on the gaming aspect. Keep the shows coming and I look forward to the mid-week shows.
I haven't listened to all of the podcasts yet, but having listened to four of them so far I have to say very entertaining podcasts on gaming! Keem 'em coming please!
i have to say that after listening to episode 7 it is by far the funniest episode to date....keep em coming