Bell's in the Batfry

Reviews For Bell's in the Batfry

This is a silly, light-hearted humorous podcast that all ages could enjoy. It is a high quality produced gem of a show that breaks up the stresses of my day and cast a ray of light in an otherwise dreary commute. Thank you, John. You are truly, one of a kind.
This is the audio equivalent to looney tunes mixed with classic humor- thanks for the great podcast
Still good just read other reviews they still apply
This will end up being the best Tribute to Neil Armstrong. Thanks Arnie Previous review had the wrong episode number. So hopefully this one will be accepted to not cause confusion should someone try to find it to listen to a heartfelt tribute to the Late Neil Armstrong.
I just found this podcast. It's hilarious. I would recommend it highly.
Thank you guys for such an imaginative and detailed production...what a great find..I enjoy every show.. It's an audio podcast in 3D sound...very well crafted...thank you for making my ride to work shorter. Looking forward to the format change.....:}
I have to admit, I found Bells in the Batfry because it beat my own podcast for a Parsec award last year. I decided I needed to listen to it, to see what the difference in quality, comedy, and production values was. And within 30 seconds of listening, I realized: This show is light years beyond my own. John Bell has created a hilarious group of characters, situations, and it's all clean fun. Imagine the Marx brothers were putting on a radio play, complete with sound effects, voices, etc. That is this podcast. Give it a listen.
If you like classic sketch comedy such as SCTV, Monty Python or "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" you'll enjoy "Bell's in the Batfry"! John Bell combines quirky characters with outrageous situations for a fast-paced, funny and richly-produced show.
Great stuff, family safe...zany, witty, you will love it.


I would like to congatulate John on a wonderfully hilarios podcast that is easy on the ears.
This is a creative podcast by a unique comedic genius. Mr. Bell obviously works hard to produce a very funny production that is well worth listening to.