Reviews For Discovery

Love the Fly Gal, learned so much from it.
Easy to listen to, informative, not so stiff, fun yet serious.
“Sense of time” is a good episode to start with.
Overall, I am enjoying this podcast and really appreciate the episode exploring the history of plastic and how and why it became so widely used. It’s so much more interesting and useful than simply hearing for the millionth time how evil plastics are. However, the conclusion of the episode on plastic recycling had an overly simplistic viewpoint offered that it’s the job of the consumer to make sure that companies do a better job of recycling more and manufacturing less. Way to let government and corporations off the hook! There was also no argument made against Unilever’s standpoint that they won’t simplify their packaging because they believe in “consumer choice”. Again - blaming bad environmental practices on the individual.
Excellent as always
I think Dr. Fry could possibly be Emma Thompson: smart, funny, irresistibly eloquent. She and Dr. Rutherford have such excellent banter, I often listen to subjects in which I have absolutely no interest. This is excellent-
Great podcast, this one always in my feed. The episodes about individual elements are terrific, always a surprise discovery, an unexpected angle. And of course...more Rutherford and Fry please. Many thanks and keep up the good work - lots of us are listening.
This is a very well-produced podcast, covering a wide range of science topics. Excellent writing and production quality. Highly recommend it!
I love science related podcasts and so many great ones come from the BBC and this one has introduced me to a few that I missed. Covering a wide variety of subject and always thought provoking it's always a half hour well spent.
Try to be objective with your opinions. It was annoying to hear that same man talk over the woman over and over. You all can do better.
I love the narration, story line and the delivery. It is not trying to be a mini TV program, which I like.
It goes to a ton of different place, but it's usually pretty good.
Very good


Just heard the mercury episode on radio and immediately had to search what program this was. So incredibly well made.
This series keeps me educated in a fun way. Knowledge is power!
A welcome addition to my other science podcasts.
So defiantly worth my time listening! I look forward to more, brain candy!
It's educational and addictive. Keep up the good work.
My only problem with this podcast is that it isn't daily. Other than that, it's great! =)
Historical and educational Awesome.
Episode 1 is missing from the iTunes, so you've got to download it fm the website. not cool.
I recently listened to the podcast on amphibian decline and it was really good; very thought-provoking and informative on this important issue.