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Great show, I’ve been listening for over 10 years. Most show have something practical I can use. I skip over very few shows. If you had been listening to this show and implemented some of the preparing techniques, you would have been prepared for this virus. You wouldn’t have needed to rush out to the store to get food and sanitation supplied. Very practical.
Jack gives practical, actionable advice for preparedness. No survivalist hype here. Better living for when times get tough, or even if they don’t.


By Jaynzer
This jack guy is ignorant..I’ll never listen to this crap..
Jack is full of great info and motivation. There is a wealth of knowledge here. I love that he is optimistic that people can succeed and live fulfilling lives in any political climate we face.
Overall was pretty good but it’s been getting off track more with politics and useless rants from host that don’t fit the show theme but the council parts and interviews can still be helpful. Keeping a finger around the skip ahead button and trying to just hang on.
Many topics not just survival hording (haha).
This podcast is full of a lot diverse and useful knowledge. I personally have learned and used some of the information you can get from listening. The caveat is that a lot of opinions Jack has can be either dated or wrong. Don’t get me wrong, he is also spot on about a number of subjects and topics. The long short of it is to take it all with a grain of salt
I love Jack’s balances approach to prepping and common sense living.
The breadth of Jacks knowledge and connections makes for a truly life changing show. Always challenging, and I like that.
Good material


By Jsp721
All around excellent podcast for anyone interested in sustainable living, permaculture, and overall personal preparadness. Definitely not a "doomsday prepper" type of podcast - more of a "how to live a self sufficient life" podcast now.
I literally just started listening to this podcast. I started at the “financial strategies for survival” and I have fallen in love with the presentation already! The narrator has a straight to the point no BS approach, quotes many credible resources, has comedic interjections. This is awesome !


I previously had listened to every archived episode and was listening every day as each was released, but started to lose interested as it get less informative and more ranting/angry. Just resubscribing to listen to the episode on CBD, as I’ve had zero good experiences with it, and I think it does have potential even if I don’t see what that is. Anyway, will update my review if the podcast has improved since my last listen.
John Willis recommends TSP so Im a new listener and really like what I’ve heard so far!!
No fear mongering or paranoia, just genuine honest encouragement to take action to make your life better. Focusing on real solutions to building a better life and developing meaningful relationships with other people. Really love what Jack is doing.
This is a podcast with way more variety than one might first think. Jack is an inspiration! Thanks for the show Jack.
I’ve been listening for about 8 years now and I can’t see stopping any time soon. I have learned so much and I’ve been motivated in so many different ways. Jack has helped me on a path I would never thought of going down otherwise.
Started listening when I was a wine sale rep 50k+ miles per year at episode 1 and have been part of the brotherhood for many years lifetime MSB member with life changing results Jack Your Awesome!
Jack Spirko is flat out awesome! Yes, I don’t agree with everything he believes, but it is pretty darn close. But the things that we do believe is that our society is slowly going down. Our income is stagnant and our cost of living is rising every year. If you aren’t making ground daily in your walk to personal freedom and liberty then someday you will truly be trying to survive. Thank you Jack for inspiring us and opening our eyes. Thank you for helping to unlock what we all truly believe as humans and how humans should freely live! Thank you, for helping us to see the better way!!
I have been listening since 2011 and I was hooked right away. The show has evolved and is backed up by some YouTube shows. Love the show jack.
Let's just save time and call it the Jack just talks to his biddies, and about gardening. I know that gardening is an imprtant part of survival, but for the love of god there ARE other subjects.
Jack, the podcast has gotten way too long. And way too political. Why is it that all your podcasts say they are 1 second? Oh yeah, that’s because they are too long and you know people won’t download them.
Learned a LOT from this show for over a year. Massive appreciation for the knowledge Jack dispenses. My two issues: 1) he occasionally goes off on an angry and shouting rant, sometimes for 15 min. 2) it seems every show is about crypto currency...not all but so many that I stopped listening. After taking a good 6 months off I tried to listen again and the first episode he talked about crypto currency for 25 min. If you wanna talk about that, fine, but with how much it’s discussed it should have a separate podcast. Can we get back to the survival stuff? Bottom line I’m giving it another chance. You can spend days listening to past podcasts on almost any survival topic you can think of, so I do think it’s a huge benefit and for free!!! Just could use a break from all the currency talk.
I need to start from the get go with your podcast.. please
There is something here for everybody. You do not have to agree with it all, but if you listen with an open mind, you will learn more than you can ever imagine. This podcast has been life altering in a good way!
I have listened to this podcast for the past 8+ years and it is absolutely my favorite. Covers such a wide range of topics....if one comes up that you don’t like, just skip that episode or portion of that podcast...but be warned, you will find yourself listening to those portions, too as you expand your interests and way of thinking.
As a fellow prepper, watch out for this show. Jack is knowledgeable when it comes to basic prep but is a science-denyer. Jack doesn't believe in Global Warming. Jack failed his attempt to live "natural" in Arkansas. He's a liar and a con-artist!
Jack is very wise about a large number of subjects. I’ve been listening for years. My GoTo podcast, can’t get enough.
Jack is so knowledgable about so many different things. I have been listen for years and always learn something new, or come to realize something Jack talked about would eventually come true (wish I listened to his bitcoin spiels). If you wanna prepare for life, give this podcast a listen.


My favorite non Christian podcast
TSP is Jack Spirko’s podcast and because of that, it includes his own opinions, which at times differ from those of myself and some listeners. I really enjoy that about the show. However; If you have trouble listening to or understanding opinions that may conflict or challenge your world view or political beliefs, this show could possibly trigger you into a crying fit of outrage. TSP includes a vibrant community of innovative and intelligent entrepreneurial men and women who are eager to improve their lives by taking an honest look at themselves, their situation, their business, their country and the most likely threats to their safety and security. Through rational and un-hyped information, he shows that thriving in your work, leisure and family environment is the ultimate goal of survival. This is not a show about hunkering down at your BOL and waiting on zombies to appear. TSP has challenged me to take an honest assessment of my skills, assets and liabilities and shown that only by helping, understanding and working with others can one build a truly sustainable lifestyle with a support network in place, just in case of personal, local or regional disasters. With a staff of only his wife and 100+ ducks, Spirko works hard to produce a 1+ hour show every M-F that would rival most any syndicated terrestrial or satellite radio talk show. The topics are broad and varied but the underlying theme is always one of accountability, self-reliance and personal responsibility. PS: This is one of very few places I’ve heard an interviewer be cordial and respectful of both left and right leaning guests, even when personally disagreeing with opinions from both! It’s unfortunate that we don’t have more of that these days..
Jack will challenge you like never before. He has helped my family and I become better people and improve our lives in multiple ways.
What’s more realistic. Are the zombies going to attack? Or could a winter storm (or tornado, or hurricane) knock down a power line that leaves you and your family without power for a few weeks? If you fear the first scenario, this podcast isn’t for you. If you understand that life doesn’t always go the way we plan, welcome aboard. Friends, it’s not IF: it’s WHEN. Disaster hits us all, whether it’s a natural disaster, or a personal disaster like an accident, a job loss, etc. Modern survival doesn’t just pertain to living. It pertains to the survival or marriages, friendships, neighborhoods, businesses, and all of the social and biological systems that are key to their survival.
Excellent source of practical information to be used in good times and bad. Very down to earth. I enjoy listening very much.
I don't always share the same political viewpoints as Jack, but he is a great source for non political survival/homesteading topics, and even his political commentary is presented in such a way as not to be offensive. It's a long running, consistent podcast which I love and appreciate that I can depend on.
I listened for a few months, and had a lot of respect for Jack. But when I emailed him opposing his opinion on a Constitutional issue he was very condescending by email. Basically my opinion was worthless because I wasnt a 100% anarchist. So not the best way to keep listeners.
The official podcast of RWNJs everywhere. If you have a "don't read to me" flag sticker on the back of your truck, have problems understanding facts and statistics, and think Sarah Palin is smart- this is the podcast for you.
I've been listening to Jack since 2010. Even though I do not agree with 100% of everything he says, I never listen to a podcast without learning something. Great podcast, great information, great guy and above all, great community.
This is a fantastic podcast! Great ideas for a better, prepared life. - [email protected]
Gets a little heated but that only proves he's passionate about what's happening in the world today.
I am a few episodes in and there is a bunch of fluff throughout each episode. Instead of discussing real preparedness tactics and survivalist tips the host falls short. This is ultimately a means to get listeners to sign up for paid classes and consulting. I can a imagine that's where the host imparts his knowledge. I give it 2 stars but realize there is no free lunch in this world.
The most usable content of any podcast that I've ever come across.
A no bs tell you how life is podcast. Jack does and outstanding job giving his audience the best in terms of self reliance, survival, realism and some good all around knowledge.
Good content and vast variety from a skilled speaker. Plenty of interviews and more information useful in everyday life than you can remember. Highly recommended as information and entertainment. I would take some of his investing/financial opinions with a grain of salt however.
Jack has a libertarian slanted show that teaches you everyday skills that can be used in good times and bad
For those of you on the far right- you may be upset by some of the insight here. For those of you on the far left- you may be left with your feelings feeling victimized by some of the insight here. For the vast majority of the rest of you- listen for a while. I'm willing to bet that even if you don't agree with every sentiment the host offers (hint: he doesn't expect you to) by listening regularly you will wind up looking harder at yourself, what you are doing, and why you are doing it. The voice of reason in my title is referring to your own internal voice, a lot of people have lost connection with theirs. Give this podcast a chance (more than a dozen episodes at least) and you may see your relationship with the world in a new light by asking questions you would not have thought of. That is the true value of this podcast.