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Longest running Lutheran talk show by far - Todd does a great job of walking through the topics of the day and biblical theology.
Confuses their political agenda with their faith far too often. They are obviously not interested in engaging with outside thoughts that don’t support their agenda.
Always engaging with the Jesus and the bible front and center. For those who think about what they believe. Topical and relevant to today’s christian.
It’s telling how morally corrupt a podcast it when the sound byte of the year contains lies and falsehoods. This is a podcast for the gullible and religious extremists looking to perpetuate their cult. I would like them to stop having radical religious activists like Carol Tobias on to perpetuate lies about legislative news. I know it’s not illegal to lie to listeners but if you want to be a credible source for information. You need honest people on the show.
I appreciate the in-depth theological interviews, politics, and pop culture discussions. There is so much to learn through the guests.
Great speakers and meaningful topics of substance, Truth, and teaching. Thank you!
Please keep up the good work. I've been a podcast junkie for over a decade. Many different podcasts have come and gone from my Playlist. But Issues etc was the first podcast I began listening to and has always been a consistent go to for me. And the sound and production quality is heads and shoulders above anything else I listen to
I enjoy the interviews but there’s way too many commercials. Just when I’m getting into it, the host stops and re-says the introduction of the guest and then goes on to have more commercials that I need to fast-forward. I get that you need to advertise your sponsors, but could you limit that to once at the beginning or end of the podcast instead of several times through the middle?? It makes the listener experience very irritating to have all those interruptions.
Substance to feed on whenever I get access... manual labor takes on new joy when I can tune in to LPR, whether music or talk. Thanks to God and his servants at LPR!
Great Christ centered podcast. Enjoy listening to this on a daily bases
If you discount Terry Mattingly between the lines politcal innuendo or just discount him all together it’s a great pod cast
Examines the issues of the day, within the context of God’s Law and under the light of His Gospel without confusing the two. They discuss topics from the left and the right ..hands, keeping them separate and distinct. Issues etc. is not just for Lutherans but for anyone who participates in any church within the historic Christian faith.
This podcast features interesting, relevant content and is also very uplifting! The music and hymns are just icing on the cake.
Simply one of the best podcasts out there for serious Confessional Lutheran theology and Christian thought. Listen to their live broadcasts or catch it here! It’s awesome!
I began listening to Issues,Etc.when my husband was attending the seminary in St. Louis and I was employed at the library there on campus. As soon as I heard what was being talked about, I was pleased to continue listening, My devotion continued online, as we accepted our first call and invested five years of our lives in Northern California . The guests and topics encouraged us much, as at times we felt like strangers in a strange land in the CNH District of the LCMS. When we were in Arkansas for three years. Issues became a lifeline as we served in the South. The program was even more important to me there. Now the Lord has seen fit for us to be back in Idaho for the past seven years. Again Issues,Etc is a vital part of our life here. I am grateful for he encouragement this program provides in such a helpful online, grace-filled and convenient manner. I love listening.
Issues, etc., produces important content every day (whether you agree/disagree) that should be part of your daily podcast diet. And if you want to increase your Biblical understanding, a year of Issues, etc. will deepen your faith and confidence in what you believe.
This is really the only podcast I need. Excellent material.
This is my favorite podcast that I listen to everyday. It is informative, insightful, and from a solid Lutheran perspective on the issues of our day. Pastor Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz do a great job in giving us a Christ Centered, Cross Focused approach to what is happening in our culture here in America and throughout the world. You will learn a lot about what Lutherans believe and why they believe it. You will also hear from a broad range of guests who speak on different topics including: books of the Bible, movie reviews, parenting and Marriage, issues of religious freedom, Lutheran theology, religion in the News Media, and the list goes on and on. This is a great podcast!!!
The Good News of Jesus' death and resurrection; analysis and commentary of current events through the lens of historic Christianity; and study of Biblical texts, writings of the Church fathers, and even contemporary authors.
My favorite podcast to listen to anytime.
Not only does this show tackle worldly issues in a Christian manner but teaches Law and Gospel in a way the average person can understand. I am new to Lutheranism and it has changed my thinking on such a deep level that I can’t get enough of the teaching of Luther and the rest of the Lutheran theologian fathers. You don’t need to be a Lutheran to enjoy this show but it helps in understanding the events in today’s world and to get a better understanding on what it means to be a Christian.
The best presentation of truth available to the world. The conferences are excellent. The show guests & Todd, the host, are not afraid to state TRUTH and it's refreshing since this Post-modern world hates truth but loves lies. Please listen and learn!
The best Christian talk show that I know of. Thank you!
Great biblically sound content that informs, challenges, and strengthens its listeners with a confessional analysis of scripture and the world. Lots of content daily, I can't keep up. Highly recommended.
I enjoy listening to Issues, Etc., but it is difficult to deal with the podcast subscription. I have a list of daily podcasts in a daily (smart) playlist that removes episodes automatically after they are played, leaving the list open for the next day's feed. Unfortunately, Issues Etc. dumps so many podcasts per day into my feed that I never get to hear anything else unless I manually skip over some of their content. I have tried several different settings on the playlist to limit the episodes -- latest episode only, 2 per day, etc., but it still dumps 5-6 episodes daily into my feed. I can limit all my other podcasts in that playlist, but something about the way IE dumps groups of episodes daily thwarts all efforts to limit my listening to 1-2 episodes per day. My only alternative is to unsubscribe from the feed, and manually download an episode at a time as I feel the need. Unfortunately, this means I will miss quite a bit of content from IE.
So thankful for this remarkable radio program and grateful for the podcast. Sterling production, thoughtful and fascinating topics.
Do you want Biblical Christianity? Do you want thought provoking dialogue on cultural issues? It doesn't get better than Issues, Etc.!
Confessional Lutherans are my closest ecclesiastical cousins, and I love this program. The weekly episodes on the 1-year Lectionary (which our Anglican parish also uses) are especially useful to me. The current events topics are also very enjoyable. The best thing is that they're always Christ-centered.
My favourite podcast, I enjoy listening at the end of my day.
I love Issues Etc! Thank you!
I listen to a lot of podcasts but very few of them have been as helpful over the last decade as Issues Etc. It is continuing education lectures that drive me to deeper studies. It is also extremely helpful in dealing with current events from a Lutheran and pastoral perspective.
I love Issues, Etc!! I have listened to many, many episodes on highly relevant topics. It has helped me grow as a Lutheran and as a pastor. I heartily recommend this podcast.
Unbelievable incommensurable
This is a show that tackles real cultural conflicts with the Christian faith, interest stories, and Scripture with comprehensible specification. A tasteful and authentic program.
It's humorous how skewed this podcast is. Especially this Dr. Meyer or Meijer from Michigan. To call him an academic in 2016 is laughable. But I still listen to it just to hear self-satisfied yes men talk politics, culture and theology.
I tuned into this show hoping for a spiritual perspective on current issues. Instead I found yet another faux-spiritual podcast that directly or implicitly through its guests endorses ultra-conservative opinions that are NOT required even on a literal reading of the Bible, gives disproportionate time and attention to marginal Biblical issues, and barely discusses those issues that implicate core teachings of Christ (love, forgiveness, charity to the poor) but are inconvenient to political conservatives. This skewed prioritization is telling of the show’s agenda and is inconsistent with the weight given to these issues in Bible. I am deeply saddened by this podcast as it is further evidence of how “Christians” have been distracted by politicians (and podcast hosts, apparently) from the moral imperative the Bible places on us to be good to one another and to eschew power and worldly possessions. "But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” I am also concerned at the opportunistic use of a “religious” platform, and moreover the Bible, to endorse what are plainly political views, a concern that is made all the more troubling by the fact the host is a pastor.
For years, Issues, Etc. has been my lifeline to Christ-centered, Cross-focused, and Confessional teaching. I spend at least 8 hours a week listening to IE as commute between home and church. On most any given topic, IE provides the faithful with the necessary facts and background information to successfully engage a culture increasingly hostile to Christianity. (Btw, the fact that IE is in 125th place--after Osteen, Joyce Meyers, some Muslim and Buddhist podcasts and even an atheist podcast--is yet another example that surveys and polls are often totally misleading.
Sound, biblical teaching and thoughtful Christian commentary on the world around us. This is truly a show for the thinking Christian.
Great to know there is a powerful resource for Christians holding to the truth. Educational and well produced, there's a good mix of current events, church history, philosophy, and the arts. Sola scriptura, sola fide, sola gratia!
Thank you so much for providing an insightful and Christ-centered podcast!
I listen to the podcasts when I have time and although I am always playing catch-up I am very thankful that this resource is available. The Issues Etc offerings are valuable to me expecially because I don't watch mainstream "news" and this tool allows me to remain up to date regarding world events with a Christian perspective. You can survive without this resource but why would you want to?
If you are sick of the MSM, try this mix of bible study and current events. Great interviews, great programming day in and day out.
I was looking for a Christ-centered program that focused on scripture and that addressed the issues and questions relating to scripture, but also to culture and current events. I ran across this page and first time scrolling down the page downloaded over 30 episodes of issues that have been readily on my mind.
One-sided, hypocritical, typical right – wing ultra conservative, that only cares about their own opinion and everybody else is wrong. Some of the guests like Dr. Robert George that they recently had on was so completely homophobic and sexist as well. Calling people like Vicky Beeching an atheist for not believing the same way as them. Like the title says, typical Christians.
Issues Etc. is engaging, thoughtful, and hold-no-punches Christian broadcasting with a Lutheran twist. Rev. Wilken tackles the issues facing our church and world with the Holy Scriptures. The two-edged sword of the Word as faithfully confessed in the Book of Concord cuts through to the heart of matters, killing and making alive. Issues Etc. has been instrumental in my catechesis as a Lutheran since the days at KFUO and continues to be central in my vocation as pastor. Listen! You won't regret it.
Love listening to this show. Great subjects, guests, and host. Keep up the good work.
I can’t think of missing a day of the best Christian talk radio found at Issues, Etc. I really enjoy the interviews with the excellent Christian pastors, apologists, and commentators such as John Warwick Montgomery, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, Gene Edward Veith, and Heath Curtis. Thanks to Issues, Etc, I’ve come to truly treasure the historic and orthodox catholic Faith that focuses on Christ and Him crucified.
If you listen to this show it will at times rub you in what you think is the wrong way. It will feel as if the things they are saying are crazy! UNTIL you hold them up to Scripture and see that they are in lockstep with God's Word and its focus on Christ. Of course I didn't always think this way, baptized Lutheran, I wandered in the prodigal lands of teen angst and youthful idealism only to find myself "deciding" for Jesus and being re-baptized. But in 2005 or 2006 I found this show and oh how it was a breath of fresh air! Why, you ask? Because Christ is at the center! Not Todd, not Jeff,not even Issues. But Christ. I have escaped the wilderness of pop-evangelicalism, and returned to my baptism. I owe alot of it to this show. Give it a listen, I guarantee you won't feel indifferent afterwards.