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Chris shares his wisdom from decades of being an endurance athlete. Very well produced podcast with super interviews and great story telling.
One of my favorite podcasts. Chris Russell is very entertaining and informative. Highly recommend this podcast to endurance athletes or those beginning their running journey!
I have been listening to RunRunLive for years. I am always pleased when a new episode comes out so I can listen to it on a run. I enjoy both the running and business aspects Chris talks about in each episode. Chris, thank you for all of your hardwork through the years on making this informative and entertaining podast. If you ever come to Korea on a business trip, let me know. I will give you a good running tour of some beautiful places here.
Best pod ever!
Chris has been kicking out high-quality content for years - a must listen! Warning, you'll get hooked. Chris provides a ton of great running info, shares his ups and downs of training and racing and health issues, has interesting guests, and provides other life-coaching content about work, career, etc.
Listening regularly or five years, and still one of the few I stay subscribed to. Chris is a wise wordsmith with wonderful insights into running, self-development, and even business. Always fun to hear what is going on in his head, and whom he is able to corner for an interview.
The old runner just keeps re-inventing his show instead of pod-fading. My favorite running podcast.
I really like the structure and content of this podcast. It has some fun and funny segments with informative and teaching moments and then just some good running stories to fill the rest of the show. It's a great combination.
Chris does an amazing job. Thank you producing this podcast and giving the running community such a great resource.
I have listened to all the back episodes to catch up and always want more. Chris is at the head of the midpackers
Thanks Chris for all the entertainment over the years. I've been an regular listener and always looked forward to your podcasts. I'm sad to hear you are moving on after #250. Your weekly updates and interviews will be missed. Great job, in my mind you've set the standard for running podcasts. Thanks again for all the years of entertainment.


This is a great podcast.
I couldn't live without my RunRunLive Podcast! Funny and informative.
I love this podcast. Chris had a fantastic attitude towards running and life. I learn something every time that I listen. The interviews are interesting and informative. The outros are my favorite part. Thanks Chris. I will see you out there!
I really enjoy this podcast. He has a guest every week and they tend to be very inspiriing and informative. He is well prepared for his interviews and asks good questions. I particularly enjoy the last segment where Chris gives some sort of talk about relating to people or just living life. He shares some real wisdom and it's not just about running.
Week after week Chris does an amazing job instructing us with the tricks of the running trade. He has a wealth of knowledge of running & fitness in general. Intermittently he adds material that appears not pertinent, yet by making us more task effective, his tips give us more time to train. His humor & music selection could be perceived by some as odd, as is it definitely not main stream. But, it adds a sense of authenticity to this podcast by a fellow human who lives a busy life, yet finds time to share with us his running passion. - May his plantar fasciitis resolve soon, or he may quit running and start raising zombie yaks.-
Of all the quality running podcasts out there, the Run Run Live podcast is in my opinion the best of the best. Chris has the perfect balance of serious content, humor, and music to make for a interesting listen each time. He has a great selection of guests on his show, but keeps those short and to the point in his interview style. I have learned a great deal from Chris, but not just about running and fitness but life in general. He has a fantastic attitude, and his shows always leaving me thinking and waiting for the next. His talent extends into how the sow is processed and produced as well, with great audio quality and editing. Top notch all the way around, and will leave a big hole in the running community when it is over.
I've been listening to Chris Russell for 2+ years and his podcast is an integral part of my running each week. As a middle-aged mid-packer it's easy to relate to Chris' tales of adaptation and I've learned so much as he works through injuries and sets new goals for himself. His many Boston Marathons and numerous off-road bike races have provided him with valuable experience that he willingly shares. Also, each week he interviews someone interesting and inspiring from the world of endurance sports, from nutrition experts to coaches and trainers to ultramarathoners to cross-USA runners and cyclists...the list goes on. And much of his content is relevant outside of my running life--lots of thought-provoking pieces on goal-setting and how to inspire others. Most important, Chris' sense of humor and the fact that he doesn't take himself too seriously comes through in his weekly life-stories--whether a tale from recent business travel or a new observation about Buddy, his border collie/running partner, it's funny stuff and I often find myself laughing hysterically in the middle of my run--never a bad thing!
Chris does a wonderful job of combining useful information (quick tips) and featured interviews with wonderful guests. Chris approaches life from a position of abundance and is always encouraging both new and veteran runners. I have seen first hand at the Groton Road Race how dedicated Chris is to inspiring all people to run, be fit, live life to the fullest , He insures you realize that no matter your skill level, that as a runner you are a full fledge member of the community. Chris has dedicated himself to providing - selflessly providing us an inspiring and informative podcast that is on my NO MISS list each Friday. Thanks Chris for your dedication and service to the running community. It is appreciated more than you know!
I’ve been listening to Chris for a few years and find him inspiring, insightful, knowledgeable, and funny. I listen to many running podcasts and think RunRun Live is the best. I have learned much from Chris and his wide variety of guests. Thanks for all you’ve done for the running community!
Chris is always on the move and always upbeat. Despite a foot injury that has kept him from running seriously for almost a year, he still does a lot of biking and other exercise to stay fit. He shares his thoughts about training and dealing with life and always interesting interviews with people involved in the sport of running. He is a positive force and I look forward to tuning him in for a run each week. I hope he doesn't go through with his plan to stop at no. 350. He will be missed.
I have been listening to Chris for a couple years and even went back and have listened to all episodes. I run alone and Chris is like a great running partner I run with once a week.
I've enjoyed listening to Chris for a couple of years. Really like the interviews, thoughts on endurance sports and his sense of humor. Thanks Chris!!
Chris isn't funny at all. Just a very weird person with a strange sense of humor. I don't care for the music clips and really don't get much of listening to him speak. If you want to learn something, listen to Angie and Trevor on the Marathon Training Academy podcast. They are more interesting, funnier and their guests provide an abundant of useful info
I have listened to A LOT of running/exercise/trail/ultra/tri podcasts over the past couple of years and there are none I look forward to more that this one. Solid interviews with great questions, excellent training advice and a helpful serving of not-over-the-top life lessons/philosophy. Chris is quick to laugh at himself and deeply understands what makes endurance athletes (front, mid and back-of-the packers) tick. You can tell there is a fair amount of work put into the podcast - he does not waste your time and he keeps the overall focus on education and entertainment. There are times when I have had to stop running because I was laughing so hard! The "outros" (little blog-like vignettes) near the end of each podcast can occasionally border on sublime. Simply the best exercise-oriented podcast out there . . . actually, my favorite across all genres.
Chris I just wanted to say thank you for all the time you you put into making this pod cast. The content is great, relevent and entertaining. You hit the major points for a healthy life style. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


By Lozo29
Listened to a bit, nice content but a bit boring.


I especially enjoy hearing about his challenges with re-learning how to swim (I'm taking swim lessons too).
I listen to a lot of running podcasts. This is the one that hits all aspects of this wonderful sport. Chris puts a lot into each episode. Thanks Chris!
Great interviews, great points of view, and overall entertaining. Thank you so much for putting together a show each week. I love these on my longs runs and long commutes!
until your cleared to run full time! love your stuff, keep em coming, great attitude!
Chris has an infectious enthusiasm for running that is clearly demonstrated on his podcast. He gets interesting interviews and discusses topics that are highly relevant to runners. He is a gifted writer; something that is apparent when listening to him read his closing thoughts essays. I like to think there are Tiggers and Eyores in this world and prefer to be around Tiggers. Chris, as manifested in his podcast, is certainly a Tigger! Great job! I listen almost exclusively while running and you really make my long run go quicker. Thanks for a great podcast.
20 minutes of running info, 20 minutes of whatever=2 stars
Chris consistently puts together a great podcast. He conducts some very interesting interviews, sprinkles in some humor and sage advice and finished off with a good song to get your feet moving again. The length is perfect to take along for most runs and makes for good company when you're grinding out the miles. I look forward to each installment.
I look forward to this podcast each week. It's must listen material, with a nice mix of good advice, interviews and fun stuff. The marathon running tips helped convince me to run my first marathon in 16 years. Yeah!
I love this podcast. the interviews are good and cover the field. Its not just Chris, though. He has guests that help and assist him every week. Are you into running? Listen here. You will not regret it!
Chris has a great podcast for running and trainning tips. He has great interviews, and some humorous stories, very entertaining podcast
This is my favorite running podcast. Informative, funny and very entertaining. You won't be disapointed!
Run Run Live is one of the first and still the one of the very best. Host Chris is an experienced, passionate and highly knowledgeable marathoner, ultramarathoner, cyclist, dog lover, yak farmer and zombie slayer. I've learned a ton from him over the years listening to RRL. Fun, engaging, honest and worthwhile. RRL is a great example of what podcasting is all about.
Nicely done. Very enjoyable.
I tried many different running podcasts before finding Chris (and Buddy, the Wonder Dog), and this is by far my favorite. Every week delivers excellent information for runners at all levels, and the respect Chris shows to everyone who's out there putting in the miles is so endearing. He does as good a race report as any I've ever read or heard, and his passion for the sport infuses every episode. RunRunLive is a great gift to the running community!


This podcast was my introduction to running and although I listen to other podcasts too now this is still my favorite.
This is absolutely my favorite "get me through the long miles" podcast. Chris puts together a great and varied show. Even when I think I have no interest in the person he plans to interview, I come away with some new insight. Since I started listening to this podcast, I've been inspired to run my first trail race, sign up for a marathon and add track intervals to my training. Chris is an orator of the highest order. Let him help motivate you.
Good entertainment even if you don't run. Parodies, music parodies, running tips, interviews with athletes mostly runners, athletic companies, race directors. Helps motoviate and unify the running community as we are all athletes, different goals, different levels but still enjoying sport
Informative, Entertaining, and it has buddy the wonder dog. Awesome podcast!!
I have learned so much from listening to Chris's podcast that I feel like I owe him money.
give it a listen- Chris will become your favorite too- great format, interviews, advice and conversations! and Buddy too! thanks Chris, I love it! philbob
Just a note to say I love the podcast. I find it entertaining and thought provoking. Your ebook stories are very humerous. Your interviews always turn out to be interesting even though the titles sound like something that I dont think I am interested in. Congratulations on your 100th episode. Keep them coming.