Reviews For Gameocalypse

This podcast looks to be promising. Although it is still young and could use some work here or there. Not all podcasts are fantastic at the start, but I see this one being one of my weekly listens as long as they just improve on a few things. I am not sure what it is yet. :p But yea, it could still use a little work, nonetheless great job guys.
After listening to two podcasts I am hooked. I always enjoy listening to other people talk about video games, and I love how this podcast does it. It's a very layed back format with an outline of stories to talk about and nothing else. This gives them time to go on for as long as they like about certain aspects of a game or story, and go as in depth as they choose. Another thing is at the time of this review the Gameocalypse podcast is only up to 23 episodes, and at an early 23 episodes, it already sounds very clean and very clear (which is always a plus). In this regard it is compairable to other, more mainstream podcasts. I look forward to listening to future episodes of this podcast with the hope that they are around for a long time.
Wow, I wasn't expecting such a good quality podcast. Excellent work guys, it really gives you one of those views from just your average joes.
Well I decided to give this podcast a try, quite interesting to listen to. I must admit that the audio quality could use a tad bit of work but other then that it was pretty good. I will continue listening to you guys along with the cagcast. :)
These guys know what they're talking about, and generally put on a good podcast. my only complaint is that they occasionally go on about a subject for too long, but in the end, it's a great gaming podcast.
Good chemistry between hosts and good audio quality. The length of the shows is just about right and generally contains good content. I like that all gaming platforms have a presence in varying levels depending on the episode. Overall I found what I've heard so far to be an enjoyable listen. I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot if you're looking for a new gaming podcast to listen to.
They werent boring at all and unlike most other podcasts I actually listened to the whole thing. You guys are very knoledgeable on your subjects and I'm definitely going to subscribe.
I really liked the topics that were discussed this show, but I feel like the one guy that went on a rant about Microsoft and their empty threats became annoying after a while and I was glad the topic finally switched over from it because I was becoming so annoyed I almost stopped listening to the show.
Like someone else mentioned, the speakers have great chemistry together. They are also very well knowledgeable and know their stuff. I listen to podcasts from a lot of mainstream sites, and I have to admit I've learned a lot from these guys over the last few I've listened to. Gameocalypse is worth subscribing to! Also, don't forget to check out the website!
The podcast is ok. Content is good, but I'd like to hear a better pace. Half the time the speakers sound bored and the podcast seems to drag on after a while, so if the speakers could put in a little enthusiasm and pick up the pace It would easily be a 4 star podcast. Also I'm not a big fan of the tangents. This is a very critical review, but don't get me wrong. It's a very entertaining podcast, I'm just letting you know a little work is necessary.


By dbrev42
I loved it, keep up the great work!
I listen to other VG podcasts like Joystiq, Kotaku, and the CAGCast. The two hosts do a great job with keeping a good pace throughout the show and there aren't any awkward silences like some podcasts. They seem to cover all of the relevant news from the previous week and keep the listener informed. Highly recommended!