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I’ve had to brush up on my russian as my grammar and pronunciation falls by the wayside after a while. This podcast is a must and so easy to understand and follow!
I love leaning Russian🇷🇺 with the Russian Language 101 podcasts!!! KEEP IT UP GUYS!🙌🏻
Excellent podcast to learn and practice Russian. Lessons are fun, well paced, and very informative. Highly recommended!
Keep up he awesome work please! You've been making the podcasts more and more practical which is really engaging and bite sized enough to remember! Definitely a great supplement to Rosetta Stone.
Love it!
My concerns with this podcast have to do with focus. Granted, I understand that this iTunes Store version is simply a "teaser" for their paid services, so I know that not all the content is available here. However, there are some issues that really bug me every time I try to listen. First, in almost every edition of the podcast, there is a cheeseball musical intro that lasts about 35 seconds. Extremely unprofessional. If I'm on the train or in the car, I don't have a free hand to skip it. It really is absolutely obnoxious, and it totally turns me off before the lesson even starts. You might say this is an irrelevant issue, but why does the podcast need this musical intro? It does nothing but to take away from my experience, and if they really want to be the "fastest, easiest, most fun way" to learn Russian, then that's a miss in all three categories. Also, sometimes the hosts will talk about irrelevant stuff, and I lose focus instantly. Please, stay on topic! One of the male hosts on the lower-level lessons has a very bad accent. I don't want to learn Russian from someone who clearly doesn't pronounce the words like the native speaker co-host. Worse, everything he says sounds sarcastic, like he doesn't care and would rather be somewhere else. It really turns me off. Please, stay professional! The content itself is very good, though if the transcripts were ALWAYS downloaded with the podcast so I could follow along on the iPhone it would be better. I love studying Russian, and I would consider signing up for their paid service, but these distractions keep me away.
It's simply wonderful!
Excelent explenations, I'm learning it right now and the way you cover it is great. Thanks
This course is excellent for beginners. As a native Russian, I think it is very useful for language learners. Have fun!
I am using pimsleur for my Russian but this is great too!
What is with the weird advertisement for whatever christmas sale they have going on? It has screwed up multiple podcasts, as the advertisement plays, but the lesson doesn't. Can iTunes fix this problem, please?
this is absolutely the best learn russian podcast since natalia worthington's <a spoonful of russian> went off the air. the lessons are engaging and interesting and it is definately worth your time!!! thanks to erik and anna i'm learning a little bit of everything (vocabulary, grammar, and culture) every day and at my own pace. all the best to others studying russian >.<
I've been teaching myself Russian since December and even put up against Rosetta Stone this is one of the best resources I've used. Eric and Anna are awesome and everything's really easy to follow. I've retained more from the stuff I've learned here than any other site I've used. Absolutely fantastic!
This seems like it would work, however I can't find the first beginner lesson as I have never spoken a word of russian in my life! I'm I blind or is it not on itunes?
Pretty much the best
great podcast, well-structured, easy to follow, lessons are well explained, and you can see the dialogs on your ipod's screen. Eric and Anna, you guys are awesome. I like that you always sound very enthusiastic. большое спасибо! AL
I have visited Russia before and spent months learning how to speak before my trip..but after all the books and audio tapes i have to say that this is much better! Eric and Anna are very funny and not only am i learning new russian words i am also enjoying it as well! keep it up! !спасибо!
I've bought a variety of Russian language software as I forever try to learn this language. While the material here seems to be elementary so far, it is fun, enjoyable, and I've learned several new words with ease!
I have wanted to learn Russian for a very long time as I find the language and culture beautiful. This podcast seemed like a wonderful way to make that happen! I loved the Intro and Welcome, so I was very excited to get the rest. Unfortunatly they do not work! Hopefully this problem is quickly recitfied, as I love this show (and Anna and Erik). Click yes if this was helpful.