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This is a good show. Thanks for podcast!
No P.C. zone. Snowflake free. Fantastic.
Gary & Eric provide a great analysis of the day’s news cycle in an easy to understand breakdown. While they also find the humor in our human frailty.
I’m a driver on the west coast who works nights,this show is very informative and the hosts are great,good job guys
I just recently began podcasting this show. I listen while I walk, and I love these guys. They inform in more detail than some other hosts. Their chemistry is great, and the range of topics is so interesting.
This is by far the best talk show ever. Need to move this to a daytime spot so more people can listen and hear truths.
another great show with actual facts
I hope to convince as many people as possible to listen to Red Eye Radio. I discovered the show about 1 month ago. Thanks for the entertaining show! Gary and Eric are so informative. I’ve learned so much from these guys! Keep up the fantastic work.
Very much appreciate the focus on issues without name calling.
This is the show I go to to get my review of the news for the day. Very factual. I saw in another review that there was a mild criticism of Gary cutting off guests. It’s been my experience that Gary and Eric will allow people to express their opinion but will stop somebody in their tracks when they start spouting off things that are not factual. Keep up the good work.
I find Gary very rude and interrupting to callers who wait forever to get on, let them speak then give your opinion, sometimes like replacement hosts better taking more calls, than your possible 2 calls in a half hour. Too many commercials, plus I really don’t care about your banana bread, but like to hear your view on the news.
You won’t regret. I have listened for last 10 years. Very unique, entertaining and you will learn a lot; even if you don’t agree with them 100%.
If I had to miss a show, this isn’t one of ‘em.
The two idiots overnight help in understanding what the heck this country is having to put up with.
Great show to understand the underpinnings of economics, politics and social issues. The only criticism is Gary's use of "the fact is" (when it isn't) too often, and too frequent conversation about their sleeping habits.
Excellent source for corporate approved right wing talking points. If you own a trucking company these are your guys, if you drive a truck not so much.
Red Eye Radio is for sure the best radio show anywhere. I feel fortunate to be able to listen to the show on my phone via their podcasts and radio app. It is so refreshing to be able to listen to a pure, true, and honest American radio show. Thank you.
Glad you have a Pod cast so I can sleep at night! Redeye tears apart issues, not people. Thanks for this format. Outstanding!
Love Eric and Gary!
My “Go To” podcast every morning!
Typical bias hacks spewing garbage out of their mouths. No wonder there on the air at the worst time slot in radio.
I really enjoy their breakdown of issues. despite their right leaning, anyone who is full of it is going to get called out. After a year of listening their personal stories get a bit repetitive. Really wish they would give dissenting views a little more leash. They should be confident enough to just correct people who throw in blanket statements and not slam the door on them. It is too disruptive and messes with the balance. We are smart enough to see through normal liberal BS.


By Bud.L
Best talk show on air
Love this show, but, at least for iTunes podcasts, DAYS go by without podcasts of the show being updated. C'mon, guys!! :(
Podcast have stopped automatically downloading since io7 update. Have had to manually update. Since 11/30/13 the updates for new podcast don't even show up to down load manually. Other talk show host i.e. Mark Levin work just fine.
I LOVE RedEye Radio. Eric and Gary refer to themselves as the idiots overnight. These guys are anything but idiots. These guys are real conservatives unlike Rush Limbaugh who is primarily an entertainer instead of a conservative. I liked the G. Gordon Liddy, and Steve Gill talk shows; but they are no longer on the air. RedEye Radio is ok. I just wish they would not yell at some of their (liberal) callers. It is possible to be polite to the callers without screaming at callers.
These guys make 3 hours of work not so bad THANKS!!!
In the days of HD radio, and inexpensive storage, I can't believe they would record these podcasts with such a low sampling rate. The constant background hiss and crackling voices are tremendously annoying and make these podcasts very difficult to listen to. They literally sound worse than an AM broadcast. Please fellas, time to upgrade!!
Fact-based discussion of current affairs with humor and good spirit. Whether I agree or not, makes me think.
This is a show for every walk of political life. That is if you are realistic & think with your head & not your emotions. These guys dont themselves & wont let you bloviate without explaining your position. While conservative, they are both supportive &/or critical of either side as common sense is the rule...
Fact based arguments love it!!!!!!
These guys always back up their thoughts with confirmable facts! They are fantastic and fun! Great source of information and entertainment!
Always enjoy listening to Eric and Jeffrey. They are conservatives that deal with the facts and the left automatically despises them because they can't argue rationally with them. Tell me where I'm wrong should be their catch phrase. I tunes is best for the download. Two separate gangs together instead of 5 separate for each hour. Never had any problems with downloading. Sometimes they are lazy in posting the show but since it's free, I can deal with it. Good enough to be prime time! FYI, it's not Jeffrey. It's really arrogant Gary.
These guys are not intellectually lazy like you get from a lot of "talking point" radio hosts. Eric and Gary breakdown and analyze the important topics of the day with strong reasoning skills and good ol' basic common sense. They don't cheerlead for anybody, which is rare these days. I listen to their podcast at work and haven't missed an episode in close to 2 years now.
Every voting American needs to listen to your program. Your insight and easy to understand facts are awesome. Kudos to Eric, Gary, & the entire Redeye staff. You not only provide valuable factual content, you encourage liberals to support their positions and the democratic politicians that spew reckless lies. It is very amusing to hear your liberal callers try to defend the worst president in history. Why the hack isn't your show rebroadcast in the daytime? It could reach so many more voting Americans. I encourage everyone I know to listen to the podcasts but some do not have that capability. We need Redeye on the airways during the daytime hours.
Hey guys! Can your show's App be posted earlier than 10 to 24 hours later as your show advertises us to download load it in the morning? Opps, sorry, guess you didn't say it would be that same day! Also, is it possible to drop the national weather report from the App? Who needs to hear yesterday's weather report today?
I love the show a lot. I download the show everyday. But someone needs to tell the uploader that the hours need to be reversed, not in order. When we download, the hours are backward. Its hard to listen to the show in reverse.
Great show but often shows aren't posted in a timely manner.
ONE OF THE WORST RIGHT WING SHOWS I'VE LISTENED TO. They don' t give their callers much of a chance to get to their point, without badgering them and belittling their point of view. I'm not a liberal, or a rightie, but I like to see both sides of an issue. Eric and Gary really need to listen to themselves ; delete that, on one cast they said they never stop talking from air time till the time they get in their cars to go home. All the time in total agreement. Unbelieveable.
Great stuff
So thankful for them when I can't sleep. And thankful for the podcasts when I can!
I have been in contact with MTR ever since 4.2 about the playback problem. Last week it started to work, but this week it is right back again
Since new update I can listen guys, is there a problem... What is up with the audio, is it just us here?
Eric and Gary know their stuff. They play numerous audio clips that verify the points they make. Very logical and reasonable minds these two have and they're funny too. When they laugh they remind me of heckle and Jekyll! Awesome dudes!!!!
It seems with the 4.3 OSi upgrade I can no longer hear the audio. Great show!! If you cam hear it.
I've been listening for about a year but now I can't hear it on my iPhone I gave 5 stars for content but now that I can't download 0 stars problem for about 1 week
Great Capitalists!!!!!!!
Hired by Corporate .