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I stumbled upon this church’s podcast on accident (was looking for another Mosaic), and ever since, I haven’t bothered looking elsewhere. The sermons have a great balance between scripture meanings, history, and real life application. LOVE IT
Love this podcast I have a little trouble with the audio when I have my earbuds in, it seems like it’s not loud enough
A big thank you to the Mosaic team! I can’t imagine my morning commute without this podcast.
Every sermon has practical applications for your daily life and always proclaims the good news. Insightful and inspiring, this church is my home!
You'll hear, unapologetically, the Gospel of Jesus Christ with connection and application for your daily life every time. Within the sermons are truths and challenges from a non-aggressive, non-condemning pulpit that acknowledges the speaker's own brokenness. Mosaic is a church for un-churched and re-churched people alike with teaching rooted in and driven by scripture. The audio quality is clear and although you can hear the background noise of the congregation at times, it's always in context. You aren't hearing murmurs of cross talk or a door in the background as someone enters or exits. Note: I'd add a listing of scriptures mentioned, reference materials quoted from or the actual quote, and songs played during worship mentioned in the description. Keep it up, mosaic.
What I appreciate most is a hope and willingness for loving unity for the spectrum of Christ followers can learn, serve, worship and grow together with less divisiveness than what most view about Christianity. As Jesus said "Come, follow Me". And that unbelievers or seekers can feel a part of the community.
I LOVE my community, and I love having access to Pastor Carl and Pastor Jonathan's sermons when I need to be reminded of the grace and truth of the Gospel throughout the week. I end up feeling a little more refreshed, refocused, and closer to Jesus after listening to these practical, engaging, and hope-filled messages.
Personally as a mom of two,I love having the podcast, if my kids are sick and I can't attend the sermon having this viable option to listen to the message and not miss a beat is terrific. Also, sometimes some of the sermons are exactly what I have been praying for or hit me right in the heart that I'm so emotionally charged during service, that I need to re listen to it and go deeper into what Carl or Jonathon's message is teaching me. Not to mention I wasn't here when Mosaic started(I know bummer) so to be able to reference older sermons and be able to hear them is fantastic. I even use the podcast as a way for people, I invite to check us out before they attend the service !
Going to this church each Sunday is great, and this is a phenomenal resource if I'm ever sick or out of town. These are great for long car rides, especially if I want a review of a sermon I've already heard, or if I want to listen to a sermon Mosaic did before I started attending. I'm grateful for the team that puts these online so quickly for us to have!
If you're looking for sound Biblical teaching that is real and relevant, look no further. The pastors and staff are vulnerable about their short comings and the ways God is changing their lives, and they invite you to walk and grow with them. It's not an exaggeration to say the messages and people from this church have changed my life!
If you're looking for messages that speak directly to YOU and can be applied to your life RIGHT NOW, this is the podcast for you. I highly recommend taking it a step further and joining a group or coming to service in person if you're able. This church has become my home. These people have become my family. I couldn't be happier!
Real Problems. Real People. Real Hope.
Every sermon is relevant to everyday life. Carl teaches you how to apply the scriptures daily. The sermons have changed my life. I am forever grateful for Carl, his family and everyone who serves each and every Sunday to make the environment so inviting.


I love being able to listen to these sermons on my way into work. It's great to have them on an accessible platform.
When I can't attend in person I love having the podcast as an option. Often when I do attend in person I re-listen to the podcast because Mosaics messages are so moving. They seem to be exactly what I need in my life every week. I HIGHLY recommended everyone add this to their subscription list and/or attend in person if your local.
These sermons challenge and encourage in just the right amount of time. This summer, my four kids and I have been listening to them on the way to swim team every morning. Our day is transformed and our attitudes are different because of our time hearing the Mosaic podcast in the car. Carl helps us to put things in perspective. He is funny and vulnerable so you never feel like you are being lectured. And his insights are so practical and filled with grace and truth that you learn and grow from each podcast. I'm so grateful for this new way our family can connect to God's word and refocus our days. We look forward to listening every morning.
Jesus wanted to make God's kingdom as available as possible for everyone and he was most offended by religious people who tried to get in the way of God and sinners. I see that passion in the leaders of this church. I feel comfortable bringing friends here. I don't feel the need to give them a disclaimer prior to arrival. The seriese titled "Uncommon" changed my life. Also, check out the series "Integration," "Unleash," and "Home."
I've been going for about a month and love it at Mosaic! Can't wait for the next service! Truly a place for people who don't go to church.
This church is home
If you are unable to attend Mosaic this is the next best thing. This is a very non-judgemental church and welcomes all. The sermons are relevant and provide a message for today's world based on the teachings of the Bible.
This church is founded on grace which is God's overwhelming truth. My wife and I have been in churches our entire life, and we have been refreshed by the relevance and truth found in this church.
These podcasts are great! An awesome way to review what I am learning on the weekend.
These podcasts is Jesus in your pocket. These podcasts were able to keep perspective when I was overseas on a mission trip and everything was going wrong. The message is about grace and truth through and through.
I've been attending for 4 years in Elkridge, MD. This is a church where the leaders actually serve the community with an above-reproach mentality. The teaching is relevant and the community is humbly pursuing grace and truth in Jesus Christ. Give it a listen!
A Church that has it's feet on the Ground & head out of the clouds and is Focused on sharing the Love of Jesus!!!!! AWESOME!!!!


By Khbeis
Incredibly relevant teaching for our everyday lives.
The title says it all!!!