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I really like how much these guys really seem to know each other and are able to tell each other about their lives.
enjoyable podcast about pop and general "nerd" culture. imagine smodcast by a bunch of dudes in iowa who hate kevin smith... or love him... i'm not sure anymore. there are a ton of pods out there now, this one has charm and wit - give it a listen.
Zac and crew get a score of at least 19! (Though not sure what its pertaining to or how many...points? were possible) Educated rants, fun stuff, great to listen to while you're milking your llamas, driving or sitting in church. Cheers gents and I'm stoked I started listening to y'all after many years!


By Ryumoau
Just another typical podcasts hosted by unfunny left wing hacks who look down on people with different opinions than their own. There are far better, less offensive comedy podcasts where the hosts are actually funny. pass on this.


By SagaN1
Walt Flanagan makes any podcast worth listening to.
Futile attempt at being funny. Futile attempt at sounding halfway intelligent. Save yourself time and listen to traffic, it is just as amusing.
A couple of guys in a basement in Iowa having a chat, sometimes a rant, about news, movies, comic books, and life in general. Great guys with a good grasp of what is right and wrong with America. Listen in to their conversation while Zac, Eric and the rest of the guys make you feel like family. The best podcast on the planet.
This podcast is one of the few things I look forward to every week. It's always entertaining. Zac's rants are as factual as they are hilarious. And Eric has done a great job of taking over Weller's position. I look forward to each show's topic because I know that no matter what the subject is, it will undoutedly be presented in a progressively hilarious fashion as Zac's blood reaches a rolling boil. Check it out people. Do yourself a favor and get some Misinformation in your life! Tristan
This is just like hanging with your friends, if your friends were quick witted and funny. So, I guess it's not like hanging with your friends. It's better.
@ThetaSigma The download issue was not on our end. Occured after the newest update to iTunes. I believe the issued has been worked out and everything should be flying normally again.
Every time my iPhone attempts to download any episode, the transfer nearly completes and then aborts, saying that the podcast 'cannot be played on this iPhone' (?!). What use is it to make available on the mobile iTunes Store a podcast incapable of being used on the very device it's intended for? I love what little I've heard of this podcast, but am unable to carry its episodes with me...
Download NOW. Scroll back up...thats it. Hit subscribe. There, now your life is officially better. You're welcome.
Directions: 1) Click subscribe now. 2) Go to podcast library, click "get all", wait patiently for downloads. 3) Listen at your leisure. Amusement guaranteed, if not ask for your money back.
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You guys are funny as hell!
I've been listening to Misinformation since episode 15 and I still find myself anxious to see what sort of schemes and folly are around the corner in the next episode. Thank you gentlemen for ALWAYS keeping me entertained while I'm at work.
Look forward to this completely random, totally awesome cast every week! Not for the faint of heart, but totally worth a download.
This is a great podcast. Always funny and hardly ever on subject this has become my favorite podcast that I subscribe to. Very funny guys, with alot of opinions that you could sit down hang out and have a beer with. Cool Podcasts guys keep it up!!!
I listened to this podcast once because I read about it on Quickstop. It is absolutely horrible and doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as all those great podcasts. Definitely not worth your time.
Hey love the show; its much better than bagged and boarded by far (actually think I get more comic-related talk from you guys). Wish I had some suggestions for improvement, but the format is tight and hilarious already. Keep up with the haiki and good luck on the documentary (maybe title it Bangkok Dangerous?). Definitely look you guys up if Im ever in Iowa; Smitty's sounds like the place to be.
I heard about the podcast while getting my comics in Limited Edition and have become a weekly listener and I have to say it is funny as hell and will continue to spread the word about it
I love listening to Zac and Weller. They will make you laugh like nobody's business. They discuss everything that pops into their heads, and it's great to have a glimpse inside the diabolical minds of Zac and Weller, no matter how brief it is. Keep it up, guys. I will never stop listening!
Most podcast appear to not care about their listeners, but misinformation is really a podcast for the listeners. It’s almost consistently entertaining and never boring. They also have a bunch of sweet contests where you can receive prizes you might actually want. If you want to listen to a boring, lame podcast than go elsewhere. Don’t listen to the 1 star haters!
You know those great nights you have spent with your best friends having a beer and shooting the breeze? That's what this podcast is. Zac and his pals are having a good time and seem to truly enjoy each others company. Give it a listen. It just might make you want to talk to your own friends more often.
This is supposed to be a comedy podcast?
A WASTE OF BATTERY IPOD POWER!!!!! A SUPER WASTE!!!! not funny, not interesting, not entertaining. Avoid it like the plague. Tell your friends to avoid it like the plague. In fact, tell the plague to avoid it like the plague
Aside from the fact that their taste in music is suspect, these guys are freaking hilarious. I would love nothing more then to go get a beer with them.
Good friends shooting the breeze having a good time and being hilarious doing it. That's all you need to know. This is one of the best podcasts out there you will be sorry if you don't be come part of the misinformed.
Zac and the rest of the gang are simpley your average group of people who talk about stuff their lives and other funny momments. My favorite parts are Weller's playlist and his hikus. Anyways, thought you guys should have more reviews because the show is really great better than ball bagged and boarded. Ken Plum doesn't know what hes missing. Anyways way to keep in independent and stick it to the man.
Misinformation is great. Along with Cabin Fever and Smodcast, Misinformation is one of my favorite Podcasts. I look forward to each new episode and hope that Zac appreciates a glowing review.