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This has quickly become my favorite podcast, and I can't recommend it enough to other fans of surf and instro music and those who might be interested in the genre! I can't wait for the next episode!
Brian, Lady Reverb, Danny and company do a fantastic job mixing it up, from "first wave" to today in this podcast series. Loads of music, and the hosting commentary is just right. The band coverage is world wide and the interviews are a great touch - neat insights & lots of fun. I am constantly amazed at how many phenomenal bands & records there are (and were) over the decades that keep (kept) surf alive and well. Exceptional job, SG101. Exceptional!
These are the difinitive podcasts for the state of surf music, past, present and future. Historical perspective as well as modern developements combine in a reverb drenched ride to the beach you are sure to enjoy. I've been a surf music fan for 30 years and they are always introducing me to new stuff. Mahalo to Brian Neal, Danny Snyder, Lady Reverb, and the crew at SG101 for their efforts and dedication to this music.
Thanks to a heads up email from Double Crown records informing their mail list about this podcast. While the whole world has gone insane, Brian Neal manages to give us a slice of retro-nostalgia entertainment. If the economy has you stressed and the world in general has you worried, simply turn the lights down, turn the music up and sip on a Mai Tai, preferably from a Tiki Glass. For a brief bit of time you will be transported to that tropical beach in your mind along with some of the best surf music designed for fun. Kudos to Mr. Neal!