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Reviews For Children's Ministry Podcast

This has been the most helpful podcast on Children's Ministry I have ever heard. I hope you will start bring new recordings soon. Thanks for your ministry!!!
Wow!.. these podcasts are not only informational but also fun and entertaining. What a creative way to convey what could be on the other hand rather dry information. I have subscribed and will be looking forward to listening to the episodes when traveling. This will be a good way for me to stay on top of current trends in chidren's ministry. Gus is a good old boy and I like his voice. He is very fun and multi-dimensional. I also admire your interaction and tempo with him. You remind me a great deal of the great Jimmy Nelson and Danny O Day; one of the best Ventriloquist teams ever. Keep 'em coming.
OK, yes, I'm the podcast host and creator, but I wanted to add that the podcast HAS NOT STOPPED due to one comment that said it has. They are still coming out, at least once a month, sometimes twice, so subscribe today and see what makes my podcasts different and so entertaining as well as practical and encouraging. The secret? Gus, of course!
I have enjoyed the work of Karl Bastian and Kidology for a few years now and was stoked about the new podcast. Each one is full practical ideas that can impact the lives of the kids you minister to. The only downside is they stopped. So sad for me, and many others out there challenged each week.
These podcast a great for Children's Pastors, leaders, or volunteers, or any who works with kids. The information contained in these podcast is very practical and can be applied immediately. Definitely a great resource!
Karl brings more of his great wisdom and experience from his years of Children's Ministry service. It's always great to hear fantastic content but it's a blessing when that content is also entertaining. Karl doesn't just say Children's Ministry should be fun and engaging, he demonstrates it in his podcast. Great Job Karl. A definite Must Listen!