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The camera angle leaves you hanging. How far away does it need to be from the actual food so we can see what your doing? Audio lacks as well. Can barley hear what hes saying.


By Kat626
I like this podcast a lot, but I cannot watch it on my iPod Touch (2 Gen, Firmware 2.1.1) I get an error message saying "video format is not supported by the ipod". Please fix this it would be nice to watch this podcast on my iPod Touch.
I agree- great every day ideas, and great to go back over the library and cook from.
I love the recipes that have been showcased and they seem easy enough to make, but I think it would be much more helpful if the videos were rated according to the difficulty of the dish and the website housed a library of recipes featured on the program.
Good recipes that are quick. They sound like they would be difficult though. It's nice to tell someone an impressive name and giggle in the kitchen about how stupidly easy it was to make.