Reviews For Work with Marty Nemko

I love this podcast. I have also used Marty Nemko as a 1 on 1 career consultant. He has been instrumental in helping to get to the next level. I definitely recommend following him in whichever medium best fits your needs. He is the real deal and you WILL benefit if you are motivated to improve and/or excel in areas of your work and/or personal life. If you know you have potential to have a better work/life but something just isn't clicking... some one-on-one could do wonders... The nice thing about the podcast and radio shows is that you can see Marty do his magic in the 3 minute career makeovers.. if u notice he really gets to the heart of the callers' issues and just about every one of the callers is satisfied and amazed at the awesome advice they receive.
I'm a successful business & career coach and I've listened to dozens of related speeches, podcasts, radio shows, and this show -- "Work with Marty Nemko" -- is hands down one of the best out there. Marty is an extraordinary communicator, with spot-on career advice, and is unexpectedly entertaining too :-)