Reviews For Cup of Noodles: A Fueled by Ramen Podcast

I lalalalalalaloveeeee this podcast! it's great with lots of discusssion and hilarios moments. If you love music I suggest you subcribe. the host Maddi and Gayle are awesome too. I lalalalalalove ya guys. Click yes if you agree.


By jjenaa
haha this was entertaining, even if i didnt agree with all their opinions.
Maddi and Gayle are great podcasters and very easy to listen to. They discuss all FBR bands without discrimination, so you can hear news about every band in the label, and not just the famous ones or their favorites. I really enjoy the discussion too. I love this music, so it's interesting to hear what others think of it as well. I love that they play music in the background too. I would (and have) recommend this podcast to all fans of FBR bands.
I really enjoyed this podcast! Keep going!
ahahah i enjoyed this. you guys really kept it moving which was good. and your imitation of ryho's stoned-ness totally made my day ngl. anyway you should definitely ~keep it up, it seems like this'll be really great :D
OMG! Gayle and Maddi rock the HOUSE of NOODLES!! U guys are making me hungry for some more!(hehehehe) Plzzzz make more! I can' wait much longer! <3Arianna(i also love bloodsuckers but i am not going to say anything about them!)