The Puff & Sip Show

Reviews For The Puff & Sip Show

I just discovered Puff & Sip two days ago. I'm currently in grad school and needed some noise on in the background while trying to write a paper. Bad idea! These two women are ridiculously funny, like naturally funny without even trying. By the end of the first podcast I'd barely written a paragraph. My favorite so far is Puff's birthday podcast when she totally geeked out talking about video games. Love her! There's something about Puff and Sip's dynamic that is just so sweet and familiar, like hanging out with good friends. Keep it up ladies!
i stumbled across this 'cast last week and i can now say it's now one of my favorites. if you are looking for hilarious banter, interesting points of view and something to help you get through the work day...this is it!
started listening on monday May 18th 2009, and I have been hooked since...Great podcast, unique in everyway..... well done puff & sip, sip & puff
hi, i discovered this podcast a few weekes ago..i just finished downloading all the's really good and it keeps getting better =) will love it..promise!
Hey everybody give these two a chance. They are actually funny. I like how they pick topics and some times just go freestyle. Pass this podcast along it something for the black lesbian community but of course not limited to just us. They talk about it all with a little twist of humor and just adult humor. I enjoyed hope you do too.