Reviews For The Public Speaker's Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills

Tidbits of how to become more effective at communication. Much of these tips can be further explored by listeners.
quick, effective tools.
Really enjoy this podcast each week. The host Lisa gives lots of good tips and tricks to improve your skills. Even though I don't speak in crowds often, it still helps me when I do because it keeps me thinking about how to be most effective when I do.
The podcast offers tips on better communication. A great resource!
Hi Lisa, I found you because I started listening to the Nutrition Diva podcasts. Anyone who knows me knows how I detest public speaking. (It requires an Ativan or 2 for me!!) I don't do it often. But, as a school nurse (and summer day camp nurse) I do have to from time to time, especially at the beginning of the school year and summer when I train the staffs. I'm finding that your podcasts are just really helpful for every day life and have my husband, a dentist, listening now. Keep the great information coming! Marilyn
I love how Lisa gets right to the point. She doesn't ramble on like many speakers! It is easy to put her ideas to practice in the real world.
Good podcast
She offers advice that can be used for class presentations, meeting new people, or at work. I found her podcast helped peel me away from the wall where I usually hide around other people!
Very practical podcast. Every one of these podcasts addresses practical situations!! Listen!!
I have read Lisa Marshalls books and listen to her podcasts. The books are insightful and very helpful for success in furthering your career. Her podcasts are based on relevant topics and are filled with useful information.
EXCELLENT articles packed with powerful & practical tips to help you be & do better!
Lisa provides practical advice on handling a multitude of communication situations that are often faced by professionals.
EXTREMELY HELPFUL advice! Thank you for providing useful information to help me improve my communications and advance my career.
Contrary to the title of the Podcast, the episodes rarely have anything to do with speaking in public. Rather they deal more with public relations and management strategies. Also the host herself, has very halting speach, often having awkward pauses that seem like she's grasping for the right word; which is strange that a authority on "Public Speaking" would have such trouble with fluency.
Love it, use it all the time.
I first listened to ‘The Public Speaker’ podcast about 3 months ago, and continue to enjoy Lisa’s podcasts. The bite-size podcast is just enough to provide some great pointers n how to speak not only to a large audience, but also in several personal and professional settings. I find it a blend of getting a refresher on points that I’ve learned in the past, along with newer perspectives and fresh advice, Lisa’s points are very well communicated and backed up by real-world examples. If you are looking for a continuing set of helpful, positive pointers on how to better represent yourself, this is a very nice, welcoming spot to be.
This podcast has life changing information,each episode greatly improves my day to day life interacting with others. My social intelligence is low, so every tip and tool is so helpful, and delivered in such a way that I can understand and apply my new knowledge effortlessly. The best part is that I know Lisa sincerely cares about her listeners. She wants us to have better interactions with others and to be successful. She is warm and friendly and has earned my respect and trust, which sounds ridiculous, but she is just that good. Her podcasts are easy to listen to, delivering advanced information in simple terms that anyone can understand and apply. To me, that is the true mark of a professional who knows her stuff. I'm so looking forward to future episodes and eventually reading her book, Smart talk, which is on my audible wish list.
Love the brief, focused format of this show, and I truly appreciate how easily each episode can be applied to life in general, which is in addition, of course, to the worlds of professional speaking and leadership.
Here's the problem. The podcast is 10 min long. the actual content is 6 min. That's a ration of 60% content 40% advertising. Unlike other QDT podcasts, this one incorporates her promo as well and it becomes annoying. The other thing is the content. Some things are interesting and strategically valuable. But overall, it's a bit useless in the real world. Corporate has always been a stuffy environment and to add more corporate BS and "behind kissing" is why this society has deviate from the human to human interaction. It is why people get fired for not praising stupidity. If you listen to this podcast, make sure you have some grains of salt next to you…. so you can take them.
Who doesn't love public speaking. Well, I don't for the most part, at least right now. This is great for individuals who don't do public speaking on a daily basis; however, a few here and there. Great tips, much appreciated.
Thanks for this encouraging podcast. I love how it doesn't blame anyone but issues a small, very doable challenge for the week. I'm hoping this upcoming week will be smoother with these changes.
Lisa has knock it out of the park with this podcast. Absolutely, the best podcast out there for improving your communications skills. I’m living proof that her tips and insights work. Great job!
I’m in a profession where I teach 3-4 unique lessons each week. Ms. Marshall’s tips and instruction have helped me as much as any training I’ve received.
Something for everyone to improve their communication skills.
I really like listening to Lisa. She has a calming voice and offers some great advice. I feel much better about some talks I have to give in the next few weeks
Tips are extremely useful and I love the short concise method of delivery. Thanks for not making me wade through an hour of talk to get the tips. Lisa also has an easy to listen to voice which helps:)
I am so happy I ran across Lisa’s podcast. As a podcaster I am always looking for ways to communicate better. What I especially like about the Public Speaker podcast is that it caters to absolutely everyone, not just the man or woman getting up in front of an audience. Lisa helps everyone come across in the best possible light. I never miss an episode!
This podcast will help you in life and business. From speaking 1 on 1 or In a group. Excellent for anyone who wants an edge in their relationships.
What the hell is this? When I try to play the most recent episode it’s some doctor talking about sleep aids for insomnia. Now ALL the episodes are this insomnia thing.
I have to give thanks to Lisa B. Marshall for her tip to listen to listen to audiobooks(and by extension podcasts) at 1.5x or 2x speed. While not a public speaking tip, it has helped me tremendously at getting through and learning from the podcasts I subscribe. This podcast itself does an excellent job preparing one for a presentation and is a good review for anyone who has had an oral comm or public speaking class in high school or college. I especially enjoyed her tips for interacting with speakers with whom English is their second language. This will be a boon to myself and several business-owner friends.
I love your podcast! You're doing a great job....thanks!
Hello Lisa. My name is Sabas Flores. I want to thank you for making a difference in my life. I grew up on a farm in the mountains. We had no electricity growing up and spent our days milking cows and working the land. We rode horses back and forth to school. Needless to say, life was very different. I came to this country in 1998 with nothing. I did not speak English. But I had a lot of dreams and goals for success. I Have been listening to your podcast for years, you are the best. thank you so much!!!
Totally professional and great advice!
Lisa B Marshall is passionate about communication! Very passionate. I love this podcast and I sync it on my iDevice to read it during my commute to and from work. Packed with good information, useful tips and to the point explanations. A must-hear for anyone who needs to talk in public.
If you communicate with others, listen to Lisa B. Marshall's podcast. She has great tips about a host of topics. She is easy to listen to and the podcasts are quick. I found this podcast last October and have listening ever since. You should give it a try.
This one of the best learning podcasts I have.
I just started listening, but I can already tell I am going to be addicted to this podcast.The topics here are so interesting and useful. Thank you, Public Speaker! :)
I have recently discovered this podcast. Very informative and helpful. I can highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve communication skills.
An excellent program to improve your speech and presentation


I like it!
Just started listening to this because I have to do a lot of speaking now. Love it. Shes quick, has great advice and a great voice.
This podcast, “Smart Talk: The Public Speaker’s Guide to Success in Every Situation”, has many weekly, short-and-sweet episodes dating back to 2008. You can scroll down the list of recent and old episodes, and choose which ones you are most interested in. There are many communications subjects to choose from: making presentations, creating videos and other visual aids, persuading others, negotiating with others, how to answer pointed questions during press conferences, how to deal with difficult coworkers, how to handle negative criticism, just to name a few. It is clear that communications expert Lisa B. Marshall works very hard to create fantastic and highly informative podcasts like this one. She also has another podcast titled “Smart Talk: Inspiring Conversations with Exceptional People” which began in December 2013. She also published a book titled “Smart Talk: The Public Speaker’s Guide to Success in Every Situation”. All three are easy to follow and reference. Effective communication is the single most important skill that you can develop in your lifetime, which can lead to leadership and success. If you are looking to improve your communication and leadership skills, or just be inspired, then I highly recommend this podcast.
Great podcast with very good tips for both beginners and those with experience. There is always something useful in each episode.
I'm a fan of a number of the Quick and Dirty Tips franchise of podcasts. I really like how short they are and the Public Speaker doesn't' disappoint. She is particularly steered toward business presentations, but I apply her advice to my own carrier as a touring artist. Her advice is spot on and her topics relevant. I have a few friends who struggle with her speaking voice (perhaps former speech impediment?) which is odd to find in a podcaster giving public speaking advice. The Nutrition Diva (for my money) is actually a better outright speaker, probably because she's a trained singer. But other listeners don't even notice and it could just be a regional accent thing.
I learned about Lisa through "Read to Lead" podcast and then checked out her own podcast as well. It's such a useful tool to improve my communication skills in every aspect. I benefit a lot and would definitely follow up. Thank you Lisa!
Valuable insights, spoken from experience, and concise. Well done!
Educational, great tips, very methodical and practical in her advice.
I started listening to this podcast with some skepticism - how useful can a brief podcast be? As I've been listening to these podcasts (now for more than a year), I get more and more use out of them, and re-listen to some episodes because they're that fantastic. The episodes are brief enough that I can listen to them during a small break. The tips are to the point, and quite useful. I would sincerely recommend you try this podcast to improve your communication skills.