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You would think "Public" Broadcasting would would be unbiased, present all-sides of an issue, provide context, historical background, etc. What appears to be the case is that anyone who objects to liberalism and the Democrat agenda is not only misguided, but wrong as well as being a bad person. I'm an African-American, a Military Historian, Ivy Leaguer, and holder of a Masters Degree in National Security Studies, so I'm not some right wing idealogue...DO-BETTER!!!
I keep reporting that the show won’t play as video. Please fix whatever is wrong. It’s been more than a month.
For the last 3 weeks the episodes will not download and play. I’m missing you guys!!!
Both postings this week are for the aftershow. Can someone fix this and put the regular show on? Thanks.
Congratulations Yamise and congratulations to the Washington week for an excellent choice
Lisa D. 2.5.21 was the most upbeat, knowledgeable with a smooth manner in her interactions with reporters👍 All tonight’s reporters held my interest with their interesting back stories.
Gwen Ifill was an American treasure. I miss her and her fair and even handed journalism. I’ve had this podcast on my phone for years really out of habit since the days of her absolute excellence. Time to say goodbye. The podcast has just become yet another blah blah blah screed and rant fest. I get it. You are woke 24/7 all the time, America is bad, yada yada. Nothing ever new. Nothing! It’s just a total rag these days. Goodbye. I miss you Ms Ifill. You were a treasure.
Washington Week are just more liberal media who hate Trump, and try to pretend to be impartial. I would like to think they are acting subconsciously with their hatred of Trump and conservatives, but the results are the same.
This is my favorite podcast, the one I listen to every week without fail. You often learn more about the real stories behind the news, and it is great to meet the people who write the great stories you’ve been reading all week.
This is a refreshing show. We get to see the human side of the reporters covering the national political scene day after day. So much more than 1 or 2 minutes on a national news show, these professionals from different organizations get to share their experience and thoughts as well as their analysis. A unique and delightful format, they certainly do speak the truth. I am grateful for their work here. Thank you.
I watched and listened to WW for the longest time while Gwen was moderator. She was fair and went after the truth. She knew how to control a room without being rude. I thought it was a fluke with the new guy; I find him to be partial to republicans and supporters Donald Trump. I've stopped listening and watching WW; well, until a new moderator replaces Robert.
Disappointed to read that Robert Costa has been named moderator of "Washington Week." I'll continue to watch the podcast to listen to the other journalists, and cross my fingers that Mr. Costa becomes more relaxed in front of the camera. As an aside, he should end the practice of toasting new journalists to the program while cameras are still rolling. It's indulgent.
I love Washington Week and Gwen Ifill, but this podcast simply doesn't work. It's the only video podcast I've had that consistently fails. Every time a download finishes, it immediately disappears. The downloads simply don't work.
The audio plays fine, the video freezes and NEVER keeps up with audio. Anybody at PBS reading these reviews? Anybody care?
it never plays correctly without freezing
Four days later and neither the main show nor the "extra" are downloadable. This is routine and inexcusable.
I love Washington Week, but there have been several times I cannot download the show. Sometimes on consecutive weeks. Other times the show is not uploaded and ready to view on Saturday. Lastly, the show is recorded at a lower volume than orher podcasts I listen to. Makes it difficult to hear even at full volume while doing somewhat noisy things like cooking. This is too bad because the show is great and a part of my weekly ritual.
For a show that is primarily head shots of panelists, this podcast is excessively large and exceedingly high in resolution for iPads and iPhones. I watch podcasts with frequent in-field video content that are twice as long in running time, but less than half as large in file size. Please use a lower resolution, or split this podcast into a normal (iPad or iPhone resolution) and HD version so I don't waste so much bandwidth and memory for what is otherwise a great podcast.
I've been watching Washington Week for years. Recently, I decided to broaden my sources of information, so I started watching Sunday talk shows. That didn't work out so well. I find those shows less than helpful thanks to all of the lies and double speak. Getting the message directly from sources has its benefits, but I find politico's habitual inability to answer questions annoying. Washington Week cuts all of the extraneous BS and discusses the details and ramifications of political events.
I don't know how else to report this failure. It would be a great podcast if it worked on my iPhone 5
The best news show in America, and also the one with the most technical difficulties when it comes to podcasting. The new HD format is unusable on either of my computers. At this point, I'm unscribing, but will check back in a few months.
what's going on with the late postings - not new by the time I'm seeing it
Better video quality would be nice, but at least post the podcasts promptly and consistently. I keep thinking that something is wrong with iTunes or my app or something only to again and again find out that the problem is on your end. Please get your act together. You've got a good program. Thanks in advance!
Last Podcast I got was Nov 17. This happened once before when WETA changed the file format of the video podcast, and I was able to download it but it never sync'ed to my iPod Touch. Now, the podcasts are indeed in the itunes store, up to "current" -- i.e., Jan 4. But they're not being delivered on subscription any more... why, please?
Nice show, somewhat balanced. Problem is that with the video podcast, episodes are quite late, or nonexistent.
This show is a calm voice of reason in our loud, hyper news age and should be required viewing for the nation. The views are well balanced, reasoned and smart. These are people genuinely interested and intrigued by the events without pushing an agenda. I wish it could be an hour-long show. My only qualm is that the video quality is quite poor with obnoxious horizontal lines appearing through out. Hopefully that's addressed soon.
Why is it now taking 3 days to post the show?
It's good to know where to get updated information without all the ......
Don't know what changed, but the file size is about a third smaller, and now these won't play on iPhones anymore.
Sadly this won't sync with any of your Apple products at the moment (the iPhone says that "this movie format is not supported"). But you can watch it on your computer or you can subscribe to the audio only version which will sync with your media players.
I'm so glad we have access to the latest program!!! I just love news that is almost a month behind. Can we have more irrelvant news programs like this. Last update is June 26th 2009. Thanks so much!!
The audio podcast has been updated but no video. Come back, Gwen! Come back!
The show summarizes the events of the past week, and offers a fresh view that is different from other news shows. I love the interaction among guests, who are allowed to question each other. Conservatives and Liberals are usually seated together, which tends to balance the viewpoints presented. Good show.
Gwen and the other inside-the-Beltway co-hosts/guests she has on her show are usually lock-step in their analysis and conclusions. While firmly leaning towards the left-of-center school of thought, this show does, nonetheless, offer insight into the minds of those cloistered within DC. Gwen is graceful, intellegent and delightful to watch. However, I have not missed her show at all on the occasions that I have not downloaded it via iTunes.
The last update was late and covered April 24. This was 2 weeks ago. Washington week has become Washington Week in Past History. Producers seem to think this internet thing is a fad. Please grow up and smell the flowers. That is the flowers on the graves of other groups that fail to change. Please get out of the way and let the airspace go to people that understand the true news cycle.
one of the best of the weekly political shows. no sceaming or yelling. just good, thoughtful discussions and insights. look forward to each week's show.
Gwyn is sooo hot.
Such a great show. Our country is lucky to have someone like Gwen Ifill
Good, Honest Political Coverage.
Gwen is fair and Washington Week has a factual minded group that backs their opinions with good solid thinking. It is certainly not a partisian show like the ones on NBC. Washintong Week is tops of the weekend political shows...and I think their theme song is better than Meet The Press! That is funny since Gwen Ifill is almost a regular guest on MTP. You're sure to be a fan if you've never listened before.
It's nice to be able to place faces with names. Will the video of Webcast Extra be included in the future?