Reviews For Calvary Sunday Messages

Pastor Brian Jones: Why have you not responded to our emails? Do you not care about our souls? Our church is pleading with you to come and debate our pastor over the most important issue: the gospel. Our pastor (whom you condemned as a false teacher) has put both his reputation and job on the line if you can show him from Scripture that he is wrong. He has promised to publicly repent and change immediately. In addition we have promised to pay for not only your airfare, lodging and meals while here, but also provide the same accommodations for two of your elders. We as the congregation are waiting with open bibles and hearts. Sincerely, Christ Covenant Church, Lakewood, CO


Thanks everyone ay CBC. Could you put up all the sermons here, including all the old archived ones from Pastor Rowe? It would sure be a blessing to us now that we have moved...