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Slow pace, gaps in flow. Stumbles around talking about guns he has no knowldege and experience with but wants to buy. Then reads off web about it Maybe if i listen to more he will get better then I will rate higher and review better
This is a good show that I enjoy listening to while working or on a drive.
I have not been able to listen to this podcast anymore because of the same horrible comedy at the start of every show. The comedy is so bad it is painful to listen to. It might be funny to a 5 year old child. The comedy skit about Sponge Bob Square pants is so bad. I try to listen but as soon as that comes on I have to turn it off. This used to be a podcast that I liked but the amateur childish comedy caused me to delete this podcast.
Very informative, keep up the good work.
I have been listening to all the back podcasts and have really enjoyed the show. The host Tony Brown is very knowledgeable and informative. I particularly enjoy his political discussions and find them very encouraging.
Absolutely love the show. I just wish there was more shows. I downloaded all the old shows and can't wait till the next one. I love your talk about our rights and liberties and throw the gun talk in and it is perfect. Thanks Tony. Keep up the great work.
Love the podcast. Well spoken, great content, and good production. Would like to hear more talk about gun reviews, gear, and idpa/uspsa talk. Good to hear more frequent releases are upcoming!! This is a great podcast for firearm enthusiasts and casual fans as well!
I love this podcast... Thanks and keep up the good work


Great information, humble hosts, thought provoking topics. Keep up the great work!!
Simply put, this is a great podcast. Tony does an excellent job of conveying topics that make you think and come to your own determination. My highest recommendation to anyone who wishes to learn and decide about firearms and 2nd Amendment issues.
:) Very thoughtful. Love the format. Come on Tony, give us one more before Christmas.
Tony speaks his mind. Thank you for being honest!!!
What a great show covering Firearms and Second Amendment Rights. Always full of good information. Thanks for keeping up with the political side, and keeping us informed. I really enjoy your humor as well, especially when it comes to the 'Dudes' Keep up the great podcast. It is on my list of 'I always listen to'.
I've been a long time listener now of Tony's podcasts;The Firearms Cafe and Armed Ape, and really enjoy hearing Tony's views on a variety of both firearms and civil rights related stories and news. He brings a refreshing perspective on current events and invites his listeners in on the discussion as well. I feel more like I'm having a conversation with him then just listening to somebody's views and opinions. Thanks Tony for all your hard work! Great show!!
Tony is knowledgeable without being overbearing. He can address a wide range of subject matter with a bent towards freedom, he never looses sight of the importance of firearms in maintaining our freedom. He's the kind of guy you'd enjoy having a beer with while having a conversation about America today. I also enjoy his other podcast "The Armed Ape".
I think I counted 20mins of non gun related talk. Politics.... Blah
Very nice.


By amurad
I love to firearms cafe podcast thank you tony
Tony always packs a show full of thought provoking questions and not only shares views but inspires thinking. Definately must for gun ownrs and freedom lovers.
Tony Brown has only 26 episodes under his belt, but his content and commentary continues to improve. Keep it up Tony!
Tony, this was really an outstanding show! I was listening to the podcast while working in the yard and it was so compelling I went inside to get my wife to come out on the porch to listen with me. While she is not as much into guns as I am--you addressed that particular spousal 'syndrome' (smile) really well on a recent show--she was really taken in by your show and those 'first person' accounts. Your comments added perspective and depth to these stories--and helped us think through "what if" scenarios in our own household. I am an avid reader of The Armed Citizen in 'American Rifleman--and your show took these personal experiences to a new level. Your radio style is very easy to listen to--and I appreciate the chance to tune in. Keep up the great work!
Great listen deffinitely worth ur time! Tony will get you thinking.
Great news and commentary regarding the fight to remain FREE.
Tony, great show. Recently discovered your show on iTunes. Good topics and discussions. Cathcing up on some of your past shows. Loved the 5 Questions. Keep up the good work.
Mr. Brown presents a passionate and informative commentary on areas of interest to Gun Owners
I really like this podcast. Tony is always very funny and informative.
Tony does a great podcast and he has a way of explaining things that even I can understand. He knows his stuff and he always delivers a top notch show. Always great.
He presents his points in such a way as to make the listener think. Thank you!
This is must hear. Very insightful. Get all the episodes you won't be disappointed.
Tony is very good at keeping me listening, topics are very interesting and i actually learn a few things. My only gripe is there isnt a real firearms cafe where i could order some eggs and ammo.
This is a great source of information and entertaining as well. Dan Sielsky
Tony is warm, friendly and offers a good voice to a complex subject. You won't go wrong listening to this pro-rights podcaster.
This is a great down to earth podcast about guns and gun ownership. Tony tells it like it is with enjoyable and thought provoking commentaries and news reports. I can't wait to hear more...