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Mighty Real is by far one of my favorite releases; I can listen to the whole podcast from start to finish without fast forwarding though to get to tracks I like because they are all solid!
Wow !!! David your music still captivates and thrills. Remember the good old Monterey days of spinning at doc rickets lab after hours. Much love.
David is an one man band behind the turntables. He is theater, drama, art, beats, love, a story, everyday life, funk, jazz, beauty, preacher, magic, mystery, which no other live dj performer can deliver while mixing. Emptiness fills with color, textures, and beautiful harmony during David's sets. Thank you David for shinning light in the darkest corners of the world. I truly miss you, and I will always have a place for you in my heart.
From the best in San Francisco


By west64
Man I've been David Harness fan sense way back when in the boy only gets badder in tougher we are witnessing a true Legend in the making Keep it Rockin Yo boy Larry l. West
halleuyah! David continues to inspire with his soulful, funky mashups and mixes.
Thank god for house music podcasts! Thank you mister Harness for providing me with the beats that made me love house music. Club Townsend closing a shame! The End Up LIVES ON!
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, The Endup was church and David was the preacher!
David Harness is the most amazing dj. I used to watch him at The End UP in San Fransisco. He makes you feel like your the only person on the dance floor and he is playing just for you. He is truely gifted.
What more can I say about Mr. Harness? The music speaks for itself, he's one of the long time great DJ/Producers in the Bay Area for sure, act like you know! I'm honored to leave the first review, hopefully many more mixes to come??? Talk to you soon, DJ Theo...:)