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Great laid back tech... been listening for awhile and the switch to Ted has been great. Andy had plenty of great points but was overly negative in general and I think bogged down the show overall. Keep up the great work.
Could NOT listen to more than two minutes of these guys. Sorry. Your voices just don't do it for me. :-(
I'm listening to every English language Mobile oriented podcast I can find and this is one of my favorites. Highly recommended for a different perspective. These two honestly cover everything without badmouthing anyone. Great show.
If you are interested in the mobile tech world, you're sure to enjoy listening to Chris and Gareth as they deliver the week's news.
I've been listening to the show since the beginning and love it. Chris and Gareth bring you the latest in the mobile phone community each week, and provide something that others don't, coverage of UK based news. Great show guys, keep it up!