Reviews For Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram Weekend Podcast

Update... downloading issue fixed!!! Chip’s knowledge, presentation, and teaching method are top notch, biblically based, and accurate. I have had trouble downloading the program thru the Apple Podcast app for the last month. So, I tried other podcast apps (Overcast, Podbean). Same thing. If I want to listen to Saturday’s programs, I have to go to the LOTE website.
Chip is amazing. He delivers the Bible in a way that really gets the Holy Spirit to move in you. I have learned so much from Living on the Edge podcast.
I really love listening to Chip explain the Lords word on a level I can not only understand but HOW I can apply it to my life! I’m so very thankful for ppl who can teach the Lords word like this!!
I love listening to Chip - even when I think the subject “doesn’t apply to me” I am always proven wrong as I ALWAYS find his messages incredibly applicable, inspiring and thought provoking.
No politics no bias (except for God) he cares about these people that are Not of our Ways we are all trying to get to heaven we are all sinners But Chip Ingram is very good at what he does
Chip has helped me grow in spiritually and in wisdom. I greatly recommend this podcast.
Chip is solid with his advice. He helps to take lots of barriers and frustrations away. Thank you living on the Edge, and Chip.
Chip makes God's word relevant for my daily life
These messages are straight from the word of God! Nothin could be better! Please keep making podcasts! :)
One thing is knowing, another thing us doing. Chip's teachings help other believers to apply Biblical teachings into an everyday life. I know they help me.
Can't go wrong listening to Chip's messages. I have been using his insights and materials for years in my walk. Just give the material a listen and compare it to your Bible and you'll see for yourself that God is using Chip. God's Bible is the first Word on everything.
Great pod cast for the new or growing Christian - Enjoy a front row seat with a wonderfully humble yet energetic teacher.
Chip Ingram's teaching helps me to grow spiritually. It is also very practical and provides great directions on how to apply these biblical truths in the daily life.
I have had the greatest growth in my Christian walk since I have started listening to Chip Ingram. He is a great teacher. If you want to grow closer to God and become an effective Christian, check out his podcast. What a blessing to have such great free resources.
This is the most clear bible teaching out there. The word of God is communicated very clear. Chip has a refreshing look into the actual heart of God. This is a great guidance of the way a Christian life should be lived. This is not the message that you see on CNN about how "God hates Homosexuals, and God hates your tears", etc. Thats not the Bible! God loves the homosexual, and the heterosexual alike and he longs for a relationship with you. Jesus calls you/us to repentance and if offering you forgiveness and eternal salvation and wants to bring purpose to your life here on earth. A relationship with Jesus and an accurate view of God is the Bible. Thanks, Chip and thanks Living on the Edge Team. Jordan
I am blessed that God uses Chip to break down the WORD and put it into perspective!
Chip is my favorite bible teacher. He makes the bible relevant, relatable but never comprimises. He is the real deal! He has helped my spiritual growth tremendously. I would reccomend his podcast to everyone.


By ajplat
Chip always does a great job of taking the Bible and explaining it in very applicable ways. You can feel his passion for Jesus in his message. Worth listening to.