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I'm not a philosophy student or anything (actually I'm taking ASL/English Interpreting) but this show is a really relaxing way to just unwind. I've been out of touch recently (from somewhere between episode 12 to 71) but when I came back I still enjoyed the off the wall weird stuff that comes up. (I naturally go off on "rabbit holes" in conversations so I enjoy it when these guys do too) I look forward to listening more so keep up the good work! (Btw, if you want more listeners, which in turn may get you some sponsors, put links up on as many philosophy/random talk online threads and boards. I'm site you'll find SOME people)
Just recently got into philosophy and found this great podcast. They go off topic a lot but thats what makes the show interesting. I would highly advise anyone who wants to learn a lot of interesting stuff to subscribe to it right now.
Looking for something real. This is not it. I like fun but not in this topic. Sounds like kids playing around. Which they say there just a couple students that are bored. It really shows.. Philosophy for Beginners by Marianne Talbot at Oxford is MUCH MUCH better.
I've been listening to this podcast since the beginning. The discussions are great and fascinating. I love Kevin's opinions and Stephen's leadership. The guests are always interesting, too. I love BF and recommend it to all my friends and anyone who likes philosophy. It's very laid-back, unlike the condescending hoitiness found in the rest of the philosophy podcasts on iTunes. Keep up the good work! :-)
I’ll continue to listen to these guys but it is apparent much of these conversations are off the cuff. I’d really like there to be more rigor involved, but these conversations can at least serve to be a diving board into careful study.
BF has risen to the top of my anticipated podcast list. I check your stream daily to see if there is some new musing for me to disagree with. That's right, I said disagree. You guys are great, and I love the fact that you are want to find the Truth, even if that Truth is that there is none. I however disagree with several of your apriori and opasterori aswell as your epystimology. This is most clear in your philosophy of mind. Now then all that said, don't change for my sake. I love the show. I have no problem whatsoever lisaning and even enjoying the propositions of people whom I disagree with. I very well might be the one who is wrong, but I'm comfterable enjoying somthing that I believe to be a mistake. Furthermore I love the format of your discussions, you guys are allmost like a meta-mind a microcosm of thethoughts of one indavidule that goes compleetly unnoticed dew to the familiarity of ones one mind, it's cool to be able to get inside someoneels's mind if only to see your own more clearly. Never undervalue the all important tangeant. I have often been lisaning to BF and you guys change the subject before Im totally done thinking the previas one through. To which I simply respond by pausing the podcast, the more tangeants you employ, the more time I can enjoy you. Thanks for a great show. Keep up the good work. Tim The Disenchanter Ps I would really like to hear your musings on love, PHILIA, my favorite, STORGE, EROS and the like. Also what are your thoughts on love in the english langwage? Thanks again.