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I've been listening to Gutter Trash for years, and the show just keeps getting better. Eric and Jason have excellent chemistry together, and their discussions of both the movies and comics they review and of whatever else comes up during the course of the show are consistently entertaining. I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys comics, movies, or a good time.
Gutter Trash comprises the opinions and anecdotes of two guys with an extensive knowledge of, and palpable love for, comics and movies. With its loose and boozy format, Gutter Trash can be a slow burn at times. It rewards the listener’s patience with rare moments of unpretentious substance and goofiness. A decent source for alternative/counter-culture comic book and movie recommendations.
One of the few podcasts I look forward to each week. I work in comics and Gutter Trash is always there to keep me entertained through a page or two of work each week. I like that they pick some movies and comics that might not be under my radar and let me know how amazing or terrible they are. Most of the time these are comics that I wouldn't have thought twice about picking up but have now actually picked up. Also seeing as I live 20 or 30 miles from these dudes I love the little side notes about the area and all the up to date news on where and how to get that all elusive black market milk!
I almost never write reviews on iTunes unless something is really good or really bad, and this one is definitely the latter. The hosts have zero focus and say things like "this is a movie about stuff that happens to people". Even my 13-year old brother could say something more insightful.
Good thoughts on some comics and movies. Good banter between the hosts and usually somewhat intellegent reviews. I find my taste in movies and comics is pretty close to the opinions these two hold, so this podcast helps me find new things to check out.
In this entertaining podcast, Eric and Jason 'review' either a comic or movie, switching every episode. The movie or comic is not necessarily new, it just happens to be what they pick to read/watch and then talk about. The conversation entertainingly strays off-topic quite a bit with stories that are random and hilarious.
If you like comics, movies and drunken ranting, it's alright.