The Labyrinth of Music Theory

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cannot get over the conspiracy theory lo-fi sound effect and constant drone in background. An otherwise ok podcast is lost bc of the awful narrator trying to sound diff or cool but failing horribly. More creeped out by this clown than inspired. Don’t listen.
Where’s the rest?!?! I’ve been farting around with music for over 4 decades, but never studied rhythm to this depth. I’m now listening to Ancient Future and Meshuggah, fiending for polyrhythms. 4/4 is obsolete.
I love everything he says and teaches, however ironically the drone is too loud and the voice is distorted which makes it hard to listen too.. I’m only on episode 3 so hoping it gets cleaned up but thought I’d share my experience
This guy seems like the professor you can smoke pot with
This singular podcast strikes an eerily mysterious tone befitting of its title "The Labrynth." It's an anonymous, intellectual tour de force waxing poetic, with respect, reverence, and a sense of bewildered awe at the potential depths musical exploration allows. There is a timeless (or old-timey) feel to fairly monotonous and serious delivery which is deliberately compressed to sound like a recording from circa 1950. This well-written, steadfast stoic delivery lays atop an ever-present atmospheric soundbed which helps create the show's distinctive mysterious mood. At times one gets the sense that in taking everything so seriously there's a hint of sarcastic self-caricaturization, however, aside from this slight humorous infusions, don't except any raucous laughs. Bravo. Encore?
Fascinating content. I wish he had continued into the labyrinth further, as his first episode promised. Where is he and what is he doing now? Can’t find his website.
Definitely worth a couple of listens, even for those of you who are not musicians. Requires a bit of patience, but you won't regret it.
Though many have claimed this podcast to be burdened by device, I say it frames an experience as subtle as the content itself. Really enjoyed this and hope it gets revisited.
From what I could stand to listen to, I was very impressed. I even forced myself to listen longer because I was so intrigued. However that only lasted so long. The droning in the background (different in each episode but equally distracting and irritating) forced me to turn it off after a few minutes. Wasted information.
Enjoyed the content, however the background noise really was a distraction and I couldn’t help but think I was in the Twilight Zone.


This is amazing. I love it. Stumbled upon another world. I want to close my eyes and escape to this place. Thank you for putting so much time and thought into sharing your vision.
Great information. Can't stand to listen to it. The effects, his voice, and the background music make this podcast nothing short of unbearable. It's like Uncle Creepy walks you through music theory.
The host of this series is articulate and knowledgeable about music theory. His knowledge of audio recording and mixing, however, seems to be sorely lacking. It sounds like I'm sitting in the bottom of a vast, empty cistern, surrounded by a swarm of bees, while the narrator's voice crackles faintly out of a speakerphone. I would love to hear a version of this podcast without all the forced eeriness. But for now it's unlistenable.
This podcast presents an interesting approach to exploring and understanding music, and I wanted to listen to the whole thing. Sadly, the author's use of incessant background drones and lo-fidelity vocals renders the listening experience impossibly grating. I'd like stress how interesting the content promised to be; unfortunately, the means have rendered the message intolerable.


One of the best podcasts i've heard in any genre. Well worth multiple listenings.
Awesome podcast!! Finally a detailed look at music theory that doesn't get boring!! Sooooo many ideas that I have not thought of before. Thank you very much! Matt


One of the best podcasts I ever heard very thought provoking hope to hear more.......................
The introductory podcast to this series is so moving, I got a lump in my throat the first time I heard it. I am stunned and amazed to have stumbled on such a unique and masterful conceptualization of music, streamed from the ether to my phone during my evening commute. Not only this, but the devestatingly subtle humor, clever narrative devices and heavy ambient atmosphere make this podcast more than just a lecture series. Its an ingeniously crafted experience that is completely fascinating! I feel so lucky to have found this podcast. I can't bring myself to think of where this thing might have gone had the author continued making them. It seems like the author stopped after only 8 episodes. To leave something this spectacular in this incomplete state seems a shame.