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Thanks Jay you have inspired me to get out and do something to help others on the national and world scale.
I am a very big fan of JayMac’s Show. I find Jay’s opinions to be well thought out, reasonable, and principled. He is absolutely not one to put a finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. I also like that humor is part of the show (often at the expense of his millennials. -all in good fun. Gustavo’s watching the World Cup seems to be the new favorite target.) The “Presidential News Review at 2” , with a new compelling reason to do it each day is must listening. I like the new feature of tracking the # of tweets POTUS makes by topic. JayMac also has commentaries airing on other KSL shows.


By tsvedi
If Jay Mcfarland were a Pokemon, he would evolve into Alex Jones. Bad news.
I love listening daily to get Jay’s unique perspective on the news. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to politics, yet he’s got a great way of showing his vulnerability when it comes to topics that affect him personally.
JayMac is the best person to listen to while I'm driving home from work
Thank you for all that you do Jay. You are the reason I listen to KSL again.
While I don't always agree, I am always impressed with the thought and time Jay has taken to work through this perspective. Sometimes he is just spot on. Fun show!
I love that Jay isn't afraid to say what he's really thinking. Even when I disagree with him, he does a great job of helping me understanding where he's coming from and gives me a lot of food for thought.
I love Jaymac's take on current events. He's entertaining and honest.
JayMac has a fantastic way of challenging you to think differently. In a world of lies and embellishment, he is brutally honest exactly when we need it. He’s thoughtful and has a great sense of humor. Proud listener.
In a world of fake news left and right, uncertainty where to turn and who to trust rampant — you can definitely go to JayMac. Yeah, he’s a little opinionated and it drives some listeners crazy. But if you practice actively listening skills, you’ll actually learn something and maybe have your mind opened to a new point of view you hadn’t considered before. And if not, then you’ll learn to make a great argument to prove what YOU believe.
Jay always has a very informed and fair take on current events. He doesn't follow party lines, but rather addresses topics issue by issue. He is a great storyteller, super entertaining, and has become my go-to source for "fearlessly honest" opinions on the news.
It is so nice and refreshing to listen to a political talk show host with a reasonable point-of-view. One who listens and respects both sides and treats guests and listeners with respect. Keep up the good work, Jay Mac!
Jay is an incredible storyteller. Each segment he begins with a topic and will start you down a predictable path. And then at the last moment... bam! He throws out a twist. He's like a newsradio version of a campfire storyteller. But instead of scary ending, he throws out and ending that will make you reconsider your politics or previous opinions. Listening to the JayMac news show makes me more aware of the other side of a position, smarter and quite frankly, more tolerant and understanding of people's positions that conflict with my own. Love this show.
I appreciate Jay's take on the current events of our communities, our state, and our country. Keep it up, Jay.
I LOVE the new format. Not having to fast forward through Whipple commercials while trying to groom dogs is awesome!
Perfect show. The hosts Amy and Jay are perfect together. Also Amy is hot.
I love this show!!